Warnings of Muslim radicalization in Calgary went ignored; RCMP investigating

by 1389 on August 21, 2014

in 1389 (blog admin), Canada, Islamic State (of Iraq and ash-Sham/Levant/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh), Syria

CBC News has the stories.

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1 lwesson August 22, 2014 at 9:18 am

Oh Canada, you must be RETARDED! I read the CBC article about beings that are NOT Canadian! NOT! Oh, but in pretend we are all one in The Magical Unicorn Land of Pollyanna Types, Liberals, Cultural Marxists, it is just dandy pandy to import, inject NON Canadians, and really wildly not even remotely NON Canadians into, ta da, Canada. Such room temperature I.Q., 72º thinking –we use the reasonable human friendly temp measurement down below Canada– well, this will turn out bad, and it has. Who, just who let these Throwbacks into Canada? They should be locked up!

Sadly, we are no better here. The same Criminal Minds have flushed the US of A with so many ALIENS that my WW2 Dad would not recognize many parts of the Nation that he risked his life for. Hey you remaining so called Greatest Generation, looky looky what you fought, died and were maimed for!

Hopefully soon, we can see beheadings here and in Canada! YEA! eh

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