What the Qur’an demands of Muslims

by Gramfan on August 16, 2014

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1 Jeff August 16, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Most don’t know that the /Geneva Convention rules are crafted almost by statute-word for word after the Quran- yet the uneducated say things repulsive to this, The truth will win, and may this EDL get the lesson I guess it failed to learn in it’s “Troubles”. You want troubles- step in my Masjid and start ordering threats while not removing your shoes in the prayer rug area- try removing male/women signs which are up for mutual modisty as to not have to face each others rear end while praying. Why are you bloody Limeys such, such, well, BLOODY LIMEYS. wHY NOT DO SOMETHING CONSTUCTIVE LIKE GO TO YOUR ROOM, LAY DOWN, AND LIKE YOUR OVARIES(THIS APPLIES TO THE MEN.

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