Horrifying ISIS video: drive-by shootings, suicide bombings, mass executions

by 1389 on July 30, 2014

in Islamic State (of Iraq and ash-Sham/Levant/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh), Islamic terrorism, Mark Harding/Evangelists of Canada

Daily Mail (UK): The Islamic State Killing Fields: Terror group releases horrifying video showing drive-by shootings, suicide bombings and dozens of other victims rounded up and executed

  • Jihadists release video in sick celebration to mark Muslim festival of Eid
  • Shows prisoners huddling in trucks before being driven to their deaths
  • Film cuts to them lying face down in dirt as they are shot one by one
  • Suicide bomber brags about becoming a martyr in truck full of explosives
  • Video shows him driving down street before detonating vehicle by building
  • Other prisoners are led to jetty where they are shot and tossed in water

Story here.

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