Dearborn PUBLIC school serves only halal food, offers Islamic prayer breaks

by 1389 on July 10, 2014

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National Report: Dearborn Michigan Public School Adopts Strict Islamic Halal Dietary Regime

Charlton Middle School in Dearborn, Michigan have removed all haram foods from their lunch menu, and replaced them with ones that follow the strict dietary laws of the Islamic faith.  These new halal meal options are a bid to accommodate their largely Muslim student body. The school, located in Wayne County, is resident to 40,000 Arab Americans, and is one of the largest Islamic communities in all of the United States.  Charlton alone teaches close to 400 pupils, and students from Muslim families outnumber the other children 7-1.

Previously the school had offered a wide array of Americanized food staples, such as pizza, hamburgers, tacos, mixed fruit, and milk. Many of these meals however contained items that were considered to be “inedible” by Muslim standards.

The local Islamic community recently contacted the school board with complaints about the issue,  accusing the school of religious discrimination. School officials quickly yielded to their requests, and removed all offending foods from their cafeteria and in turn began serving meals approved by the Islamic faith.

The school now serves a vast array of Arabic foods made entirely from ingredients that are permitted under Islamic law. They have even taken the extra step of implementing religious fasting during Islamic holidays such as Ramadan. Children also have the option to pause from their studies at a predetermined time of day so that they may pray to Mecca as instructed in their Holy Book, the Quran.

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Just askin’…

What would happen if Christians were to demand that public schools allow their students an opportunity to pray before snacks or meals? Or to pray for the safety of players and spectators before each sports event? Or that public schools stop their indoctrination in polymorphous perversity under the guise of “sensitivity training” and/or “sex education”?

Peter Ingemi explains why Muslims are protected and Christians are not:

…The answer is simple, the incentive system isn’t there.  Black Masses at harvard produce Eucharistic Processions, Obamacare mandates against religious groups produce lawsuits, bans against Pam’s ads produce TV clips and lawsuits.

However speaking against Islam produces murder and threats of murder

Oh, and by the way…

Halal food funds and promotes terrorism.

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1 John Eduardos July 10, 2014 at 5:25 pm

American’s elect a Muslim president and then wonder why things like this happen.

2 datechguy July 10, 2014 at 6:36 pm

I actually don’t have a problem if a school district with an overwhelmingly muslim population served hatal and or offered a hatal menu as it would basically be accommodating a reality.

What I object to is that such accommodation to Islam is accepted and the same for Christianity is not.

3 1389 July 10, 2014 at 11:17 pm

@ datechguy,

Offering a halal menu is one thing…offering ONLY halal food is something else entirely.

We have allowed too much Muslim immigration and are in danger of creating “no-go zones” in places such as Dearborn, similar to the “no-go zones” that already exist in France, and the “shari’a law zones” in Great Britain.

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