Why is Abu Abdulla a/k/a Mohamed Abu Hamam still in New Zealand?

by 1389 on June 30, 2014

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NZ Herald: Imam at centre of mosque ruckus kept under police surveillance

Abu Abdulla
Abu Abdulla is banned from four mosques. He is a former plastic surgeon.

The man at the centre of a mosque battle in Auckland has allegedly been monitored by police for potential terrorist allegiances.

The Weekend Herald can reveal that Abu Abdulla, an imam who has been banned from the Avondale Islamic Centre, is Mohamed Abu Hamam.

Mr Abdulla confirmed he also goes by the name of Hamam, but did not know if he was the person named in a United States Embassy warning in 2005.

The Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand said it was made aware in 2011 of Mr Abdulla’s other identity and extremist preaching.

Reports on potential terrorist activity here, including warnings from police to US officials in a cable released by WikiLeaks in 2010, named “Hamam” as a person monitored by the police.

“The New Zealand Police recently provided information indicating some New Zealand Muslims have fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia and possibly Chechnya,” the cable said.

“The police are also looking at some New Zealand citizens/residents who may have travelled to the Middle East, including Iraq. A specific example of such a person involves an individual known only as ‘Hamam’.”

It said Hamam was an Afghan veteran and a surgeon from Egypt.

“He is currently living in Auckland on state benefits and refuses to become employed. He stays in a local mosque and espouses anti-Western views. He is being monitored by the New Zealand Police.”

The cable goes on to say some in the community may be sympathetic to terrorist organisations.

Mr Abdulla, 50, said he was a plastic surgeon in Egypt before he moved here in 1998 after one of his family members was targeted and killed by the Egyptian police.

He denied his family had any links with terrorist organisations, but admitted to having worked in Pakistan and several countries in the Middle East, including Egypt, which he visited last year.

The father of seven is embroiled in a fight with the New Zealand Muslim Association, which has barred him, his sons and some of his supporters from its mosques in Avondale, Ponsonby, Ranui and Birkenhead.

He was issued a trespass notice first in 2012, and again this month.

The situation has escalated. Earlier this month, a senior member of the association, Haider Lone, was severely beaten at the Avondale mosque.

Mr Lone was in hospital for 10 days, and is now in hiding.

Two men, whose passports were cancelled before they could board a plane to join the Syrian war, attended classes conducted by Mr Abdulla, but he denied asking them to join the conflict.

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1 lwesson June 30, 2014 at 8:58 am

I want to know why Muslims are in New Zealand at all? Who let them in? Any and all that did this should be in prison breaking rocks. New Zealand, what is your major malfunction for this kind of suicidal idiocy?

New Zealand, wake up! All you have to do is look at “our” own retarded country where Muslims dominate, where a people that have NOTHING to do with our own culture have been allowed to freely metastasize, like any cancer, to see the harm that will be done to New Zealand.

Look in at what is said to be Europe, or England and see the unlovely Muslims, see the beheadings, see the disdain, the hate, the filth, the decay, the dependency, the high birthrates, the high crime, and ask, who let these wretched dogs into your HOME?

Wake up New Zealand, before it is too late.

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