Arson investigated in massive Jerusalem Forest fire

by 1389 on June 26, 2014

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JPost has the story:

Jerusalem Forest fire

After firefighters and rescue workers finished extinguishing the remains of a massive inferno in the Jerusalem Forest Thursday that resulted in the destruction of five homes, the evacuation of two neighborhoods and Yad Vashem on Wednesday, police said it had developed two strong leads in the case.

“We presently have two promising lines of investigation,” Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. “The first involves a group of children seen in the area whom we suspect may have been playing with matches and accidentally started the fire, and the other is arson.”

Citing an instance of arson in Abu Ghosh two weeks ago, Rosenfeld said police utilized forensic experts at the site of the fire in the Jerusalem Forest to help in the search for suspects.

“We are working around the clock and hope to determine who was responsible for this soon,” he said.

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The news story did not mention the possibility of Islamic terrorism a/k/a “forest fire jihad.”

KKL/JNF has more.

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