Now this is disgusting: Flowers in Ustasha U shape desecrate Jasenovac memorial

by 1389 on June 8, 2014

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Flowers at Jasenovac in red/white checkerboard U-shape

There Must Be Justice has the story:

ZAGREB – Flowers in the colors of the Croatian “Chessboard” flag and shaped in the form of the U symbol of the Ustasha, Croatian pro-Nazi regime responsible for massive killings of Serbs, Jews and Roma in concentration camps during World War II, have been planted at the Jasenovac Memorial Site in central Croatia.

Despite the demands from competent institutions to act urgently and have the flowers removed and those in the Jasenovac Memorial Site management responsible for the provocation, nothing happened.

“When you see those flowers as white and red squares, arranged in the shape of the letter U, planted at the Jasenovac Memorial Site, you are not sure if you are awake or in some kind of nightmare,” as someone said.

People were imprisoned, tortured and killed there “because of being of ‘wrong’ nationality, religious affiliation or worldview, and those committing the crimes were the very ones whose symbols were the letter U and the white and red squares.”

“People come to Jasenovac to pay their respects to the innocent victims, and then they see a glorification of the genocidal regime that committed crimes there in which, according to official records, about a million Serbs were killed.

More here.

Go here to pray for the departed:

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