Vote against RINO Molly Spearman in SC runoff June 24, 2014 #sctweets

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NO Molly Spearman
Molly Spearman’s signs are all over South Carolina.
She has ripped off the Wrigley logo. Don’t be fooled!

Molly Spearman is running for statewide School Superintendent in South Carolina. For all intents and purposes, she is a heavily-funded “former” Democrat running in the Republican primary.

According to the South Carolina Education Association (teacher’s union) website:

The Executive Director of the SC Association of School Administrators (SCASA)
for the past nine years, Spearman is a former teacher and assistant principal.
She served four terms in the SC House of Representatives, during which time
she presented herself as a champion for children’s issues. She also was deputy
education superintendent under Democrat Inez Tennenbaum’s superintendency
(1998-2007). She was a Democrat until 1995, when she switched parties. She
graduated from Lander University and holds a Master’s of Education Supervision
from George Washington University and an Education Specialist degree from
the University of South Carolina.

Raised $90,521; On Hand $67,465

According to FITSNews:

#10. Molly Spearman, Executive Director of the School Administrators Association (SCASA) Estimated Compensation: $127,350+ The 2009 tax filing for SCASA details a base salary of $117,000 for Spearman as well as $11,000 in “other compensation.” While SCASA claims it is not a public body –and therefore not subject to FOIA laws– staff members including Spearman enjoy participation in South Carolina’s State Retirement System on par with full time public employees. The organization collected over $1.2 million in government contracts and taxpayer reimbursed dues and fees for 2009. The same year SCASA reported nearly $70,000 in “lobbying and political expenditures” to the IRS.

SCASA’s legislative platform includes the following:

SCASA opposes legislation designed to subsidize K-12 private, religious, or
home schools with public funds. This opposition includes pilot programs such
as vouchers and tax credits.

What all of this means:

The bottom line is that Molly Spearman is a highly-paid lobbyist who works against vouchers, tax credits, and homeschool programs, and whose main interest is in getting the state legislature to raise your property taxes to funnel more and more money to the public school system.

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