#Caturday visits flooded Serbia and Bosnia

by 1389 on May 24, 2014

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Aerial view of flooding in Obrenovac, Serbia
Aerial view of flooding in Obrenovac, Serbia [source]Man rescues cats from roof in Vojskova, Bosnia
Man rescues cats from roof in Vojskova, Bosnia [source]

InSerbia News: Floods in Serbia: Large number of pets rescued

Cat on dog's back in floodwaters

BELGRADE – A large number of pets have been rescued together with citizens from the flood-hit areas. Numerous animal protection associations are active on the ground, with individuals collecting aid, securing shelters and necessary food.

Thus, the Belgrade-based Bitef Theater and BETA, the animal rescue organization of the City of Belgrade, have announced an initiative aimed at collecting humanitarian aid for flood-hit animals. At the Bitef Theatre, Tuesday is traditionally the day when theater buffs can come and watch a play with their pet. However, due to the national emergency, there was no play, but citizens were welcome to donate collars, leads, anti-parasitic, tick prevention products and antibiotics. Due to the national emergency, an outpatient clinic of the animal protection society, the VHB, is working 24/7 and offering veterinary assistance to animals from the flood-affected areas. The Vet Clinic is making a register of all pets rescued from the floods in Obrenovac. Numerous vet clinics in Belgrade joined the initiative.

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Donations for flooded areas in:
Serbia – http://floodrelief.gov.rs/
– SMS na 1003
Bosnia and Herzegovina- 090 291032
– 092 890 830
– SMS 1458
Croatia – 060 90 11
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(music on video – Joe Hishaishi – The sixth station)

28. Jun: Important Flood Relief Information

28. Jun has received authorization of the Serbian government to collect and ship all material donations from North America. Chicago and Toronto are the central locations from which all aid will be sent.

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church
2520 Dixie, Mississauga, ON 
L4Y 2A5

St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church 
4301 Prairie Ave Brookfield IL 

To help us pay for transportation of the aid please donate on www.28jun.org

For more info contact 28jun.org@gmail.com 


28. Jun je dobio ovlašćenje od vlade Srbije da prikuplja i transportuje sve materijalne donacije iz Severne Amerike. Čikago i Toronto su centralne lokacije iz kojih će se na kraju slati sva pomoć. 

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church 2520 Dixie, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2A5 
St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church 4301 Prairie Ave Brookfield IL 60513 

Ukoliko želite da nam pomognete da platimo transport pomoći donirajte na www.28jun.org 

Za više informacija kontaktirajte 28jun.org@gmail.com

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