Heavy flooding in Serbia, May 2014

Diaspora help sought for victims of worst-ever floods in Serbia

by 1389 on May 18, 2014

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eBritić, the British Serb magazine, has the story:

The Serbian Embassy in London has published details of how we in the Diaspora can help support efforts to alleviate the effects of the worst floods in the region since records began some 120 year ago.

The Serbian Government has set-up a two bank accounts which will help support the massive relief effort underway:


For payments in Serbian dinars (RSD) the accoiunt number is 840-3546721-89 (for purpose: “assistance to flood-affected areas”)

For payments in any other currency, the account number is 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000


Bank name Ministry of Finance – Treasury, Belgrade, special account for assistance to flood-affected areas,

IBAN: RS 35908504619019323080

The Emergency Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be contacted at +381668066020 or by email at:  kriznistab@mfa.rs

This information is available directly from the embassy’s website:

http://www.london.mfa.gov.rs/importanttext.php (English)

http://www.london.mfa.gov.rs/lat/newstext.php (Serbian, Latinica)

Contact lines

Telephone lines have been set-up operating 24/7 to provide any information needed:

+381 11 312 0741
+381 11 312 0739
+381 11 312 9939
+381 11 312 0742
+381 11 312 0646

You can also ask by email pomoc.vanrednasituacija@mup.gov.rs

South Africa

Our brothers and sisters in Johannesburg, South Africa are holding a Moleban to pray for the victims of this flood on Sunday 18 May followed by a fund-raising event. You can read more details about this by clicking here and also here.

Serbs for Serbs around the world

The US-based charity Srbi za Srbe – which has raised funds to help hundreds of families and thousands of children since 2005 – has opened up its accounts around the world to support victims of the flood.

In Serbia  – for payments in Serbian Dinar (RSD)

Account: 160-279491-71 (reference ” flood aid” )

IBAN : RS35160005080002381269


Account name: Srbi za Srbe

In Republika Srpska – for payments in convertible marks (km)

Account : 5514802213924928 (reference ”flood aid ”)

IBAN : BA395514804813925344


Account name: Srbi za Srbe

In Austria (euros)

Account number : 10364339

Sort code : 32000 (reference “flood aid”)

Any EU country (euros):

IBAN : AT97 3200 0000 1036 4339


Account name: Srbi za Srbe (reference ”flood aid ” )

In Switzerland (CHF):

Account 85-419625-6

IBAN : CH46 0900 0000 8541 9625 6


Account name: Srbi za Srbe (reference ”flood aid ” )

 By PayPal (Europe):

szsaustrija@gmail.com (reference ”flood aid ” )

By PayPal ( USA ) :

szsamerika@gmail.com (reference ”flood aid ” ) – www.serbsforserbs.org

By Moneybookers/Skrillc3c.org@gmail.com

For more info click here www.serbsforserbs.org

More here:

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