Shoja Shojai, Iranian-British millionaire, arrested over alleged slave ‘harem’

by Gramfan on May 13, 2014

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The Age (Australia) has the story:

Shoja Shojai
Shoja Shojai, a British businessman
accused of keeping a harem
of women against their will.
Photo: Supplied

London: A wealthy Briton has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of holding a harem of women against their will and fathering at least seven children with them.

Shoja Shojai, 56, is alleged to have met most of the women, who were prospective models, in London, persuading them to move to his villa near Marbella.

Mr Shojai, who was born in Iran but has a British passport, is believed to have boasted to the women he was an oil tycoon who was friends with Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.

Police were called to the sprawling Arabic style home when one of the women made an allegation of domestic violence against him. There they discovered a group of women, mostly in their 20s, nine of whom have alleged that they were lured to Spain on false pretences.

They claim that they were subjected to emotional abuse and threats of physical violence to keep them there.

Reports in the Spanish press also suggested that police found drugs, including the date-rape drug rohypnol, at the property. The women and their children, aged between nine months and seven years old, have been taken to refuges, while Mr Shojai has been released on bail.

Mr Shojai is understood to have met the women, who came from a number of countries including Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, while they were studying fashion in London.

They allegedly told police he persuaded them to move to Spain after promising them he could further their careers.

Mr Shojai is thought to have links to Ilford, east London, but it is not clear how he made his fortune or what connections he still has in Britain. It is thought that Spanish detectives will now work with Scotland Yard on the investigation.

The property where Mr Shojai and the women were living is a 10-bedroom villa called Casa Saf in the hills above Marbella. The women have allegedly told police they were allowed out only when accompanied.

They said he threatened reprisals against their children and families if they disobeyed him.

But a worker at the property said he did not believe the women were being held against their will.

“They left in the mornings in their cars without any problems to take their children to school,” he said. “I can only say what I saw during the day though. I’ve no idea what happened at night.”

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “The women were very young and very pretty and were usually impeccably dressed in designer clothes.

“When they left the house in 4x4s, they were always accompanied by workers who looked like chauffeurs who doubled up as bodyguards.
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Shojai denies the allegations.

Perhaps a more important question is where Shojai’s multi-million dollar fortune came from.

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1 Gramfan May 13, 2014 at 7:51 pm

“Perhaps a more important question is where Shojai’s multi-million dollar fortune came from.” Good question and naturally he would deny it!

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