Ezra Levant: Canada wants beer freedom from foreign-run cartels

by 1389 on May 11, 2014

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We want beer freedom!

Published on May 8, 2014 by Sun News Network
Governments allow foreign companies to control beer sales across North America. It’s time to unshackle beer and freedom lovers everywhere! Download the beer freedom map here: http://ow.ly/wDvds

The Beer Store’s smear campaign

Published on Apr 25, 2014 by Sun News Network
Convenience store owners and managers react to the offensive Ontario Beer Store attack ads.

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1 lwesson May 11, 2014 at 10:59 am

It has been awhile since I spent some time in Canada, and really I was in Quebec. 😎 While there, I did not see or hear a single Pakistani, Indian… yet I did hear a great deal of French and very little English. Trudeau’s Socialist injections have done great wonders in the past 30 years though. Now Canada has diversity! Weeee! Cultural Marxists could not be happier. Replace Canadians! Job well done but there is still more work to do, like the pasty faced reporters, but right now they are just “Useful Idiots” so their jobs are safe.

I did visit British Columbia on some brief occasions in ’97 while filming The Postman. Our “bad guy facial hair look” far far and away from looking all Metrosexual cutie, got all of us a very poor greeting at the Canadian Border. Looking like men, does not set well, in Canada. 😎 While there, I did get a feeling that some kind of Homogenization process was taking place. While I did not think I was in Bombay, I did get the creepy feeling of being in a “Stepford Wives” movie production, without cameras & crew. I know, I looked.

To soften the anxiety, I ordered a Pint of Stout. “Pardon me this is not a Pint.” It was some little production in a little glass. “Oh we use Metric here.” “Oh, well I see that this is NOT any progress. We still speak English.” The bartender gave me another glass, On the House. Laughter ensued all around. English Canadians know that they are being gamed, being manipulated…

What would today bring? I just committed 3.5 Thought Crimes. A detail of Mounties dressed up in paramilitary assault gear, with full auto assault rifles, perhaps?

As for the small hard hard working little stores, we have them here too, as Americans like Canadians have been replaced as fast as possible. Breaking the rules, no problem, gosh golly. Setting the gas pumps to measure out less than a gallon –we do not use the stupid iddy biddy liters– is common place. Under age for beer? Common, get real. I guess that is one benefit for teenagers per Diversity, approved by Dough & Bob McKenzie, eh. For the crying per small shop keepers? Take off, eh! It is the beauty way to go, to go home, that is, eh!

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