#BokoHaram versus the human race #BringBackOurGirls

by 1389 on May 8, 2014

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Protestors during a demonstration outside the Nigerian embassy in Washington, DC demanding action to rescue more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants. (AFP photo)

The stories here speak for themselves:

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1 dr.music May 8, 2014 at 3:37 pm

By now everyone including muslims have realised that islam is only a magnet for the angry and the mentally ill to remain angry and mentally ill. There is no Zen in islam. islam is militant and facts are facts…so islam is a cult. It wants to be a religion but it can never be one….it is retrograde and stupid and neeedlessly mentally stunting because the founder was an absolute idiot with serious mental psychotic issues who did not understand the true meanings of words he used. You have to properly understand the insane islam founder and leader and their psycho aspirations.Very very sad but very very true….like being born a smallpox virus today…..Totally useless and has to be irradicated…….how can we humanely irradicate islam ? You see….Islam is a,super magnet for the angry and the mentally ill to remain super angry and super mentally ill. If islam comes on full time on the planet …….Future man will be illiterate, sadistic and mentally ill. The whole world will be muslim. Education will stop and human minds will become gutters just like the head honcho of islam was soooo many tears and years back….. illiterate ,sadistic and mentally ill. Reading the co-ran is not education in fact it is de-education. The advent of gutter islam being taken for a religion is the paramount mistake humans made in their evolution. One cannot ever be smarter or better mannered and more literate and forward thinking than the backward top nut job of the cult was 1400 years back who scared the some cowardly jobless lowlife arabs into his filthy cult. Our politeness will be savagely replaced by idiocy and anarchy.Humans have doomed themselves by forcibly taking a mad arab’s filthy dirty rantings as words of intelligence.
Earth will be the first planet to actually witness Reverse-Darwinism thanks to the stunting of the human mind by stifling the female of the species.
Glorified bad…. is what islam is. Boko haram is pure islam. The planet is getting a reality check on the filthiness of islam via africa thanks to Boko haram. What Boko haram is doing is what every muslim should be doing if the conditions are right. What Boko haram is doing is prescribed in the dirty books of islam. Why is all this surprising the planet suddenly ?
The very fact that words like moderate are used means that all 2 billion of them are actually loony or on the fringes of their reasoning…The very fact that they still follow islam is a sign of mental illness….Chronic Mental Illness or CMI.
We also need to properly understand the islamic/moronic variation in definitions, otherwise the whole conversation with muslims becomes absolutely meaningless.
“Innocent” only means muslims…innocent does not include non-muslims.,,,which means all of us.
“Peace” means the peace of submission under islam.
“Justice” means only the perverted disorder under filthysharia law….not democratic justice as we mean it….islam is fundamentally very very stupid. What do you expect ?? islam was started by a very very stupid guy.

2 1389 May 8, 2014 at 3:52 pm

@ dr.music,

Please make a better effort to control your anger.

1389 Blog is not about killing Muslims. It’s about turning people away from Islam.

Your intemperate ranting is not helpful.

Blog admin 1389

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