Serb Poison Affects 3,000 Albanian Children — By Wm. Dorich

by William Dorich on May 6, 2014

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In the field of health and war memories, the Albanians in Kosovo attempted the greatest world deception in March of 1990 by claiming the Serbs “deliberately poisoned” 3,000 Albanian children. The stage was being set for the Civil War that followed 4 years later.

It all began on March 14th, 1990 in Podujeve in the elementary school where Serbs allegedly used a powder or liquid poison in the water supply that only affected Albanian children. The originator of the story and manipulator of the children was a local teacher. Of the several cases of children who had flu-like symptoms and respiratory problems and reportedly collapsed, were rushed to the Pristina hospital. Not however before television camera crews could be called and had time to arrive at the school.

Television convoys headed for Kosovo based on statements by Albanian doctors, provincial leaders, the Albanian Prime Minister who visited the hospital. The federal government sent experts from Belgrade and Albanian authorities demanded an international investigation.

Federal teams, including military experts determined that there were no traces of poison in the water. International teams took samples for analysis and sent them to the Institution of Toxicology in Paris and London who confirmed there was no poison in the water. Their conclusion suggested, “mass hysteria, as the cause of the alleged epidemic.” By 1991 the final results were published in a number of prestigious scientific publications but since the Civil War in Yugoslavia was well under way the poison story no longer had any public relations value.

The Lancet, vol. 338, June 9, in 1991, page 1196; An international team organized by the Society for Endangered Peoples (W. Germany); International Federation for Human Rights (Paris) also found no evidence of poison. In the analysis of samples učestvale the Laboratoire de Police Scientifique (Paris), Chemical Research Centre (Harrow), New Cross Poison Unit (London), St James University Hospital (Leeds) also found no evidence of poison.

No Albanian children died and the video taken by the press revealed students lying on the floor while other students stroked their arms as the teacher looked on…there was no visible panic or urgent reactions that the lives of these children were in grave danger. These Albanian children were well rehearsed. No other adults or parents were seen in the staged video.

The Kosovo Albanian press went so far as to claim the “Serbian poison was so sophisticated that it only affected Albanian children.”  If the Serbs had created such a poison in the water system it would be a first in modern warfare and modern medicine that a poison could determine the race, the age and the religion of the intended victims.

Ambassador Warren Zimmerman sent several of his staff to Kosovo and they returned the same day saying there was “no crisis and no poisoned children.” The following day the Albanian press carried just 3 lines of copy related to the poisoning. What this ugly media created hysteria illustrated was the depth to which Muslims will stoop to deceive the American public to further their terrorist cause.

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