Amanpour…CNN’s Anchor in Lies, Distortions and Disinformation — By Wm. Dorich

by William Dorich on May 6, 2014

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Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin issued a response to Christiane Amanpour after the CNN anchor lashed out at the diplomat over his inability to appear on her show and brought his daughter into the equation.

In her Thursday show, Amanpour said: “And one more note: we continue to reach out to the Russian government for their comment, including officials such as UN Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin. We haven’t had much luck, but perhaps people like Churkin feel they don’t really have to leave their comfort zone.”


Vitaly Churkin’s Letter to Amanpour

Dear Ms. Amanpour,

I am taken aback by the personal attacks you resorted to in your show on March 20. I have known you for many years (including through a number of on-the-air interviews) and used to respect you professionally. So it was somewhat startling that my inability to give another interview provoked such an outburst.

As to my unwillingness, as you put it, to leave my “comfort zone” – you are absolutely right. After 8 meetings of the Security Council on the situation in Ukraine and Crimea (six of them in front of TV cameras) I feel very comfortable that the truth is beginning to come across.

If, though, you imply that I don’t want to answer tough questions, then you are mature enough to know that I spoke to the “full house” at the Washington National Cathedral in October, 1983, two weeks after the South Korean airliner was downed, and then testified at the US Congress in May of 1986 after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, not to mention hundreds of other media and “live” appearances. So I can explain to anyone what “leaving a comfort zone” means.


For Amanpour to comment about Vitaly Churkin not being willing to leave his “comfort zone” we need to turn that attack back on Amanpour in her unethical reporting from Sarajevo on the Bosnian Civil War.

Amanpour spent the better part of the war closed up in a comfortable suite at the Holiday Inn depending on Muslim “runners” to gather her so called “facts.” She ate $30 steaks and consumed $60 a bottle wine as the citizens surrounding her in Sarajevo were starving to death.

Amanpour was not professional, she was a bias “Partisan” reporter who resorted to “Advocacy” journalism. But don’t take just my opinion… in publishing the book Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting by award-winning journalist Peter Brock I was in touch with Gen. Lewis MacKenzie from Canada who gave me a great back cover endorsement for the book and who told me that many international journalists contacted him after the war requesting an opportunity to go over some of the details they wrote about…

MacKenzie told me “I always told these journalists…You were there, you saw what you saw and you wrote what you wrote, however, you never ventured more than a hundred meters from the Holiday Inn” …(including Ms. Amanpour).

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