Senator Dole’s Nazi Proclivities By Wm. Dorich

by William Dorich on May 5, 2014

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On the Senate floor, July 26, 1995, Senator Robert Dole said: “I am Not An Expert In Foreign Policy.” With Senator Dole admitting his lack of foreign policy skills it became apparent that Mira Barretta his Croatian assistant would be making these policy decisions for the Dole White House?

April 10th is the Anniversary date of the First Independent State of Croatia, the quisling state created by Hitler in 1941. Senator Dole selected April 10th as his formal announcement for the presidency—a coded Nazi message selected by his Croat assistant, Mira Barretta to curry favor to the Croatians in this country who supported Dole.

In 1968, Gov. Ronald Reagan made April 10th “Croatian Independence Day” in California in exchange for those Croatians that helped to elect him—that is until the American Serbs in California and several Jewish organizations exposed this Nazi affront—Governor Reagan immediately rescinded the holiday.

Sam Yorty, Mayor of Los Angeles was so angered by this attempt to pervert our state government; he personally removed the Croatian flag from the roof of the Los Angeles City Hall. In the re-election campaign of President George Bush, it became necessary to rid himself of more than 30 campaign officials when it was exposed that these individuals were former quislings and Nazis.

Senator Dole spent the D-Day anniversary in Sarajevo with his Muslim supporters—not in Europe with the rest of the world. Dole’s staff assistant for Europe, Mira Barretta, is an admitted staunch Croatian Neo-Nazi supporter, granddaughter of a Croatian Nazi officer in Mostar in WWII. Ms. Barretta’s father, Pero Radjelovic, had a weekly Croatian radio program in Los Angeles for many years. It was an open secret that Radijelovic received information from his daughter, which he announced, on the air as “exclusive information, from a very special source.” Radjelovic referred to Robert Dole on the air as “our special friend who is helping the Croats continue the ‘Independent State of Croatia.” Radjelovic referred to Ante Pavelic, the Butcher of Yugoslavia during WWII, as “The greatest man in Croatian history.” Pavelic escaped Europe through the “Vatican Ratline” for Argentina where he became the “Security Advisor” to Juan Peron who issued 34,000 visas to Croatian war criminals including over one thousand Roman Catholic priests whose hands were covered in the blood of their Serbian victims.

When the President of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman visited Los Angeles in 1993, Radjelovic was the Master of Ceremonies at a $1,000 per plate dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel. The honorary chairperson was none other than Mrs. Andrija Artukovic, widow of the war criminal responsible for the slaughter of 700,000 Serbs, 40,000 Jews and 60,000 Roma Gypsies in Croatia during the Holocaust. Artukovic entered the United States dressed as a Roman Catholic priest from Ireland with a false passport under the name Alois Anic, he remained in Seal Beach, California as an “illegal alien” for 30 years.

I was in the courtroom when Artukovic was extradited in 1985 to Croatia. Cardinal Manning was a character witness who called Artukovic “A Great Good Man.”  That great good man put to death tens of thousands of his citizens as the interior minister. His son verified that his father’s signature on thousands of documents that put people to death was “authentic.”  Artukovic died in prison after being found guilty of only one crime, the killing of his chauffeur. Serbs are subjected to alleged “war crimes” in the 1990s by a Kangaroo Court in The Hague…what an appalling miscarriage of justice sponsored by the U.S. State Department and a hateful Secretary of State, Mad Madeline Albright whose life was saved because of a dozen Serbs who risked their lives to save hers and that of her father, Ambassador Josef Korbel.

Before the new government in Croatia, Ms. Barretta let it be known to all official visitors to Senator Dole’s office, that she was a “Croatian—not a Yugoslav,” that she “could not return to Yugoslavia because her family was blacklisted by the government.” However, in 1990 that did not seem to stop Ms. Barretta from joining Senator Dole on a trip to Kosovo.  Dole claimed it was a “Secret Mission” however thousands of Albanians lined the bus route as he entered Pristina. Dole gave a group of Serbian Orthodox priests and the Serbian bishop of Kosovo a 15 minutes meeting in which he tried to get them to take a picture under a portrait of Tito…the priests were well aware of the international implication of such a hideous image and refused to move under the portrait. Dole then gave the Albanians the entire day to spew their racists’ ideologies and their hatred of the Serbs.

Barretta sat next to the Senator in all government sessions giving him visible clues for his answers to statements. Senator Dole described the Croatian government as an “example of democratic freedom” as opposed to the Serbian government, which she described as “Bolshevik.”

In March of 1990, the Executive Director of the US Albanian lobby was former Congressman Joseph Dioguardi, an Albanian bragged to Serbian Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley about the power of the purse of his lobby. He said: “I have raised a big bundle of money for Dole’s PAC.” Later that same year, The New York Times reported an interview in which it was stated that the Albanian lobby paid Dole but that his office denied it. “Our attempts to obtain text of his denial have failed,” said The New York Times article. “There is no denial,” said Pam Racker of Dole’s press office, “We denied it only informally.”  This clearly exposes the hideous duplicity of Dole and his staff. During the Bosnian Civil War it was Mrs. Dole, Chairwoman of the American Red Cross who denied food and medicine to hundreds of thousands of Serbian refugees claiming…”The Serbs are aggressors” as she denied these victims of “ethnic cleansing” any humanitarian aid.  Mrs. Dole proved that along with her bigoted husband they shared in a common racist ideology. She was even willing to bring such shame to the American Red Cross.

According to Mark Lupesina, the New York reporter of the Yugoslav magazine Interview, in May 1987, at the start of the Presidential primary campaign, Senator Dole and (then) Congressman Dioguardi attended a banquet sponsored by the American-Albanian lobby organized by the New York based Albanian Society Jusur Gervala. “In their speeches, Dole and Dioguardi acknowledged those present for their contributions of $1.2 million for Dole and $50,000 to Dioguardi’s campaign.”


Dehumanizing a nation is was ugly process. For the 1.4 million Americans of Serbian heritage this occurrence will scar current and future generations. Demonizing the Serbian people was an outrageous concoction, orchestrated by the American press and other interests, seeking to dismember another nation in violation of the UN Charter, the NATO Treaty, the Geneva Conventions and the Helsinki Final Act.

In 1990, before this war, Senator Robert Dole introduced a vindictive piece of legislation, but did not have the BALLS to do it openly in public. With just 23 lines long and buried in the Foreign Appropriations Bill #101-513, this legislation cut all loan guarantees and aid to Yugoslavia when that nation was $31 billion in debt. This is in direct violation of the Helsinki Final Act, which forbids…”Any act of economic or other coercion…” Senator Dole’s bill, however, shockingly allowed continued U.S. financial aid to be directed to 6 Yugoslav republics, provided that they “Held Democratic Elections” within 6 months. This was an outrageous violation of the sovereignty of Yugoslavia, ignored by the United Nation and the media.

Well-financed public relations firms were hired by Muslims and Croats who spent a combined amount of $120 million dollars to demonize the Serbian nation to gain their independence, a sinister and sleazy addition to the outrageous dismemberment process.

Ruder/Finn Public Relations in Washington claimed that they “Were not paid to be moral,” and they surely were not in their ugly lies, distortions and manipulations of the facts.  One Ruder/Finn executives even stooped to admit that “a story on the front page is far more successful then the retraction printed days later on page 22.” Demagogues and racists have no place in American society, but many public officials stooped to using racist terminology when discussing the Serbian people including Vice President Joseph Biden who during a brief 5 minute interview on CNN, August 1st, 1993 called the Serbs: “Illiterates, Degenerates, Baby Killers, Butchers, Rapists, Thugs, Terrorists, Cowards, Guerrillas, and Fascists” I am grateful CNN had the good sense to not afford him additional time to spew more ugly racism.  Biden never apologized to the Serbian nation for such hideous language coming from a government official who proves that he does not just suffer from “hoof and mouth” disease, but the full-blown disease of manifest hatred.

This and other political hypocrites are covered in depth in my newest book about the dismemberment wars in Yugoslavia: Memoirs of a Serbian American Dissident.  Available on the iPad only for $1.99.

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