UK electoral commission muzzles Liberty GB in run-up to EU elections

by 1389 on April 23, 2014

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This is tantamount to rigging the election process to keep the incumbent parties in power.

And You Call These “Democratic Elections”?

Happy Saint George’s Day!

On 18 April this self-explanatory open letter was sent to the Electoral Commission. How can democratic elections be held if parties are not even allowed to say in any explicit form in official documents what they stand for?

Dear Electoral Commissioners:

I represent the political party Liberty GB, which is standing candidates in the South East of England in the forthcoming European Parliament election.

As part of our preparation for the election, I recently attempted to register a number of new party descriptions with the Electoral Commission. It was our intention to choose the best of these for printing on the ballot papers.

In total, thirteen descriptions were submitted, of which all but three were rejected. Among the rejected descriptions were the following:

End multiculturalism, support Western civilisation.
No to Islamisation. Yes to Britain!
Immigration, no. Islamisation, no. Britain, yes!
Stop Britain becoming Islamic.
No to hate preachers, jihad, terrorism.
Safeguarding Britain’s future, no to sharia.

The rejection letter (attached) received yesterday from the Electoral Commission sought to justify their decision on the basis that the descriptions are “likely to be … ‘offensive'”. No definition of “offensive” was offered, neither did the Commission give any indication as to who might in future be offended by these descriptions, nor indeed the basis for the prediction.

We find it difficult to imagine how any decent, law-abiding voter could be offended by a statement opposing “hate preachers, jihad, terrorism”. Regarding opposition to sharia and to the Islamisation of Britain, these represent large, growing and evidence-based strands of public opinion – legitimate opinion that cannot be properly represented politically if its designating terms are censored out of electoral communications. Regarding multiculturalism, you may be aware that several European heads of state, including our very own Prime Minister, have publicly criticised it far more strongly than our first description above does. Is the Electoral Commission saying that it is legitimate for established politicians to express opposition to multiculturalism, but not those seeking elected office?

The Commission argues that within the rejected descriptions is an “implication that some [unspecified] groups in society were to be excluded, rejected, disparaged or disliked”. In response, we would point out that even within the groups the Commission studiously avoids naming (we make an educated guess as to who they might be), there are significant strands of opposition to jihad, sharia, hate preachers, and indeed the Islamisation of Britain.

You surely do not need us to tell you that free elections depend upon the capacity of political parties and candidates to communicate clearly to the electorate what they stand for so that voters can make an informed choice at the ballot box.

Should not the broad strands of public opinion that Liberty GB represents be allowed expression in a free election? And is it not more than a little hypocritical of the Electoral Commission to be citing “freedom of expression” and “freedom of thought [and] belief” in the context of this censorial ruling?

The writer George Orwell said: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” By prohibiting Liberty GB from expressing widely-held positions (that some unspecified group might or might not want to hear), the Electoral Commission strikes another small blow against freedom of speech in Britain – the central freedom that earlier generations of British people risked or gave their lives defending.

Consider this a formal complaint.

Yours sincerely

Dr George Whale

Nominating Officer, Liberty Great Britain

Mobile: 0776 291 6034
Tel: 020 7286 7125

More information:

  • Liberty GB was founded in March 2013 by Paul Weston and George Whale.
  • Liberty GB’s main policies concern immigration, economy, multiculturalism, freedom and democracy.
  • Liberty GB will be contesting the 2014 Euro elections in the South-East UK constituency.
  • Liberty GB’s candidates in the 2014 Euro elections will be its Chairman Paul Weston, Enza Ferreri, Jack Buckby.


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1 lwesson April 23, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Winston Churchill finally started to wake up, AFTER England extinguished itself on another self suicidal European War. A war that they helped guide, by pushing the Poles to “Double Dog Dare” Germany while encouraging the Poles to NOT negotiate, and in refusing to end the war when given the chance. Winston sobered up when Communists kicked him out as Prime Minister. quote from Winny “I think we killed the WRONG pig.” 😯

Winston went on with remarks that England needed a “White People’s Party.” 😯 Now that will get you thrown in jail in, The Finest Hour Land. And so down the slippery slope of Orwellian 1984 Police State England slipped, all the while, power players insured that England would be repopulated by people with NO connection to England, no common thread in the broad and ancient tapestry of England. Brilliant.

It might be just too late to expect fair elections, to expect being able to say NO at all and saying NO can land you in jail. 😯 Amazing isn’t it? All of the blood, lives, tears, treasure spent in two catastrophic suicidal World Wars, all for this?

The Kinks have this great song, Living on a thin line. There is no England anymore…

2 Ben Harper May 29, 2014 at 10:26 am

Hi What is meant by no England anymore it sounds a rubbish comment to me. At what period in history do you mean? Let me know and I will rip your argument to shreds.

3 lwesson May 29, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Hello Mr. Harper. Considering that you did not care to do anything other than play some soccer hooligan play saying that I had a rubbish comment, and then haughtily said that YOU would rip my argument to shreds, well it sounds like an angry person or most likely a Liberal to me. Maybe not but… I would be angry too if I was in denial as I watch my America is vanishing quickly…

What time period? Really? Surely you jest? When the “Free Press” is nothing more than hyped happy jingoism, when you can be arrested for reading a statement by Lord Winston Churchill about Muslims, when your Home Office bans people like Doctor Michael Savage from being allowed in, when historians must tread carefully or be fined and or go to jail, when people listen to conversations to see if something is illegal being said, and then tell the police, when in London you are in some Other World that H.G. Wells or Kipling could not begin to imagine, yes Virginia, there is no England anymore. Take it to The Kinks and complain.

Friends in England have moved away from London. Over 20 years ago my little naive Sister and her friends were police escorted out of an area of London back to their hotel with a stern warning that their safety, their very lives were imperiled in that section of London. Well what would Dickens say? So Ben, I would say per your query, “Right Now.” Cheers!

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