Deconstructing the Qur’an

by 1389 on April 22, 2014

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From the Atlantic Monthly, of all places, January 1999.

Here ya go…

Bet they’ll never publish a follow-up on that.


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1 April 22, 2014 at 4:37 am

hmmmm….in the next 30 years …..let’s see…In the next 30 years …i see….this planet’s favorite cult will be ON nearly full time on the planet …Tesla will be in arab hands and slowly start to rot or shut down…most of our news will be in arab hands and countries will be fighting internally with the muslim population….the numbers game and the money game will be controlled by the arabs….major research will have stopped and scores of populations be destroyed and traumatized by muslim growth and rampant disorderly and dangerous civil behavior…sharia law will be the justice system because it will be silently and lethally applied. Education will nearly be done for and women and children will be subjugated and mosques will be the order of the day. All men will wear islamic clothing and look like monkeys in clothes talking in guttural arabic and women will look like current day human sized garbage bags. Libraries and written modern history and technology will slowly slowly be burnt or somehow destroyed and slowly slowly tech will die….Medical research and science will take such a way back seat that in the end the smartest guys will actually be the the guys who run the mosques and they will actually know nothing but hate and trash and all things stupidly islamic only. Still-working tech will be highly valued and those that don’t have any will bray 5 times a day everyday and be dumb and their children will be like that and their children will be like them. Like billions of ticks on an infested round dog of a planet muslims and islam will slowly kill and bleed the planet. Slowly this round dog of a planet will die as billions of muslim ticks will wipe away our culture and the signatures of our progress will slowly decay and whatever not-muslim will be chipped away and forgotten because it will be denied by islam it ever existed. It is not dirtiness is not islam’s fault…it is islam’s way. Regress is islam’s progress. It is not the arabs and islam’s fault that they behaved such…islam is a self destructive force that refuses to change and any suggestions to reform or even think progressively will and has to be dealt with the sword. Those who live by the sword will in the end die by the sword…and islam adopted the sword as a life saver…wrong choice of bad tech…but that is to be expected by a system that is the dumbest and stupidest ….It owes it’s existence to our decency….we refused to see its DNA of inherent ungratefulness….we were too decent….we are finished… islam will slowly commit hara-kiri and that is it’s final goal because it was written by mad men about a mad man to duplicate that mad man exponentially. The dirty and sadistic koran is the ultimate dirty dirty joke to be played on decent humanity by dirty minds to create filth and grief on humans. Humans in the end will prove to be idiots but no one will know then. At the zenith of our civilization we handed over the planet to dirty backward islam because were too decent to kill it. We were too decent. islam repeatedly stabbed us in our backs as we peered into our microscopes and telescopes ….we did not see and refused to see the insaneislam in the room.

Muslims are the only deadlyvirus known to man that can be seen with the naked eye.

2 John Newton April 22, 2014 at 8:11 am

It’s unfortunate for me that I must spend so much of my time trying to educate people about the dangers of radical Islam, and how it can destroy our country and the futures of our grandchildren, but it is something that has to be done. Such a high percentage of our population are totally ignorant about the dangers, or simply choose to live a life of denial.
Canadian politicians are kissing Muslim ass until their lips bleed, all in the name of securing more votes for their political parties. In Canada Christian pastors are now being jailed for criticizing Islam. Type this into YouTube to see the video: EZRA LEVANT INTERVIEWS MAN SENTENCED TO ISLAM. All or our grocery chains in Canada are now selling Halal meat, and telling us to go to hell if we don’t choose to buy it. If they refuse to sell it the Canadian government will charge them with a hate crime, I’m not kidding, political correctness is totally out of control in Canada, with Muslims coming to election stations in Burkas. This invasion is a greater danger than Hitler was.

3 John Newton April 22, 2014 at 11:43 am

Your final two lines is absolutely right, may God bless you for saying that, if it’s still politicially correct to say God in Canada anymore.

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