Why conservative and counterjihad bloggers need a third-party backup service

by 1389 on April 18, 2014

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On Wednesday I noticed a friend’s website,  Independent Sentinel, was down, so I shot her a quick email to let her know.  She replied that it had been down all afternoon due to some kind of server issue with her hosting company.  She was frustrated because her site had gone down for a couple hours just two days before.

Computers can shock and frustrate you

We traded a few more emails, comparing the merits of various hosting companies.  Her site is hosted by a large, well know and reputable company.  Even so, as 4 hours turned into 8 and her site still wasn’t back I started getting concerned. When it went past 24 hours, I was  worried her host might have taken a severe enough hit they might not be able to recover all the lost data. I asked if she was using a third party back-up, or if she had down loaded a recent back up to her personal computer.  The answer was NO.

That wasn’t the answer I was hoping for…

About two months ago, Lady Impact Ohio’s site Conservative_Outlooks went down because her hosting company had been hit with a catastrophic failure. I don’t believe the hosting company ever recovered.  Lady Impact’s told me they no longer answer the phone.

After being down for a couple days, Lady Impact was able to easily move her site to a new host, and get up and running again, ONLY because she had a third party backup. Without it, her website would have been lost somewhere in Internet Never Never Land forever.

If like Lady Impact’s host, Independent Sentinel’s hosting company lost her data base and couldn’t recover it, went out of business, or for some other reason couldn’t restore the site, she was screwed.  Years of work, Ten Thousand or more hours of work and research, as well as thousands of posts would be gone forever.

Fortunately her host did recover,  and her site was restored, but for close to 30 hours, she didn’t know if that would happen or not.  From an email she sent me last night, by this morning she’ll have made sure  that if it ever happens again, she’ll know that even if the hosting company doesn’t recover, she and Independent Sentinel will.

Don’t misunderstand, the backups most hosting companies offer. are great. as are the back-ups you create yourself.  Especially if like me, you sometimes get stupid and manage to disappear your site… I’ve done it twice, don’t ask, let’s just say … we … I got stupid and tried something I shouldn’t have tried…

But server back-ups are worthless if you can’t get to them because the server that houses them crashes.

Third Party Back-ups start at about $5.00 a month for a once a day backup. I know of three reputable outfits. There are others, but these three I know something about:

Blog Vault – $9.00 a month for a once a day backup. This is the company that saved Lady Impact’s website

Sucuri – $5.00 a month for a once a day backup. Sucuri’s also the company to call if your site ever picks up a virus or hackers manage to deposit malicious script…

Vault Press  &5.00  a month for a once a day backup.  Vault Press is owned by Automattic, the same people who own WordPress.com.

Before we go any farther… full disclosure.

All three companies have good reputations.  I’m not going to play favorites, I don’t stand to make  any money from any of them..

Currently Grumpy Opinions uses Vault Press, I may change to Sucuri, simply because I’d like to use some of Sucuri’s other products. Since Blog Vault saved Lady Impact’s site, she absolutely swears by them.

No host wants to lose your site, but sometimes stuff happens.  That stuff can be something the host didn’t anticipate or something they couldn’t control.  It’s rare for something to happen a reputable host can’t fix, but it happens…

Regardless of the size of your site, or how much traffic it gets, you’ve put a lot of time and work into building it…  way too much to risk if something happens to your host.

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