Serbia seeks explanation from Ukraine over video that erased Serbia from map of Europe

by 1389 on March 24, 2014

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Regarding this recent post:
#FAIL! Ukraine putsch junta rewrites European history and geography
we have an update.

Ivan Mrkic - Photo: MFA
Serbian FM Ivan Mrkic – Photo: MFA

inSerbia: Serbia seeks explanation from Ukraine over controversial video

BELGRADE – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic has called the Charge d’Affairs of the Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia to discuss the promotional video of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, on Ukraine and the EU, which insulted Serbia by the fact that the country does not exist on the map of Europe, which is shown in the video.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Mrkic will ask the Charge d’Affairs of the Embassy of Ukraine in Belgrade to come to a meeting at the Ministry to present him with the opinion of Serbia over the behavior of the present authorities in Kiev.

In the promotional video in which Kiev explains why Ukraine should become a part of the European Union a map appears in which all the states of the former Yugoslavia are deleted and annexed to Croatia, as InSerbia reported on Saturday, and was carried by all the mainstream media in the Balkans.

Tanjug, InSerbia

Arseniy Yatsenyuk - Photo from:
Arseniy Yatsenyuk – Photo from:

inSerbia: Yatsenyuk added all ex-Yu countries to Croatia, deleted Serbia

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In the promotion video of his party “Fatherland”, where Yatsenyuk sees Ukraine as a part of Europe, video shows that Serbia no longer exists and is a part of Croatia.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, one of the leaders of Ukraine’s second biggest party All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland” and leader of the parliamentary faction of “Fatherland”, explained in the promotion video why he sees Ukraine in Europe.

It is not known is it a mistake or a provocation, due to Serbian relations with Russia, but all ex-Yugoslavian countries became Croatia in the video, though in the video Serbia is clearly mentioned.

In the video, the party as an example for Ukraine takes Croatia, and at the end of the video says that Croatia became a member of the EU and that the EU started negotiations with Serbia. However, Serbia for this Ukrainian party does not exist on the map of Europe, Vaseljenska reported.

Here is the promotion video, without Serbia, in it…

Україна буде в Європі – Арсеній Яценюк

Published on Sep 13, 2013 Batkivshchyna

Що таке Угода з Європейським Союзом для кожного з вас?
Це заробітна плата і пенсія, яка в 5 разів вище, ніж сьогодні в Україні.
Це доступ до кращих європейських університетів і європейський рівень освіти в Україні.
Це сучасна медицина, що по кишені кожному, і можливість прожити на 15 років довше, ніж зараз.
Це чесний і справедливий суд, який керується верховенством права і закону, а не хабара і телефонного права.
Це нові технології, значні інвестиції, великий ринок, дешеві кредити і нові робочі місця.
Це право кожного українця вільно подорожувати Європою без віз і кордонів. Угода — це план, як зробити Європу в Україні.
Вона вигідна кожному з вас.
Україна буде в Європі, а Європа – в Україні.
І так буде!

Google translation of the above sales pitch:

What is the agreement with the European Union for each of you?
This salary and pension, which is 5 times higher than in Ukraine.
This access to the best European universities and European education in Ukraine.
This modern medicine, which is expensive for everyone, and the ability to live 15 years longer than today.
This is an honest and fair trial, which is governed by the rule of law, not a bribe and telephone rights.
This new technology, significant investment, big market, low-cost loans and jobs.
It is the right of every Ukrainian travel freely Europe without visas and borders. Agreement – a plan to make Europe in Ukraine.
It is beneficial to each of you.
Ukraine is in Europe, and Europe – in Ukraine.
And so it is!

Yatsenyuk’s empty promises

Joining the EU does not mean prosperity, better employment prospects, a longer and healthier life, or the end of corruption. Ask any Greek.

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