Harper on Ukraine: Letter published in National Post

by 1389 on March 18, 2014

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Seems that PM Harper is trying to garner votes of Ukrainian-Canadians by backing the neofascist side in this conflict. This is sure to backfire.

Full Comment, March 18, 2014:

Re: Harper To Visit Kyiv To Back Ukraine’s New Government, March 15.

Stephen Harper’s planned visit and support of Ukraine’s non-democratically elected government will be embarrassing for Canada. The fact that many of its new leaders are openly fascist and that they overthrew the democratically-elcted government of Ukraine by force will have disastrous consequences for Western relations with Russia and global stability. After all, the Russians have taken their cue from the West in how to destroy sovereign nations, such as Yugoslavia.

Crimea was long part of Russia and was “given” to Ukraine in 1954 without the approval of the Russian people. It is the ultimate arrogance of Western leaders to think that they can behave without respect for international law but condemn Russia when it does the same.

Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nev.

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