Principal bans pro-life high school club from using life-sized fetus models

by 1389 on March 17, 2014

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Why aren’t students already getting this information about human gestation in high school science classes?

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Published on Mar 17, 2014 by yazchat

Branford, Connecticut — A high school student who founded a pro-life club says the principal banned her group from using life-sized fetus models as displays.

Samantha Bailey-Loomis, a 17-year-old senior at Branford High School tells WWLP-TV that the school’s principal, Lee Panagoulias, refused to let them set up the fetus models during lunch.

“He tells us that this topic in particular is too controversial to be talked about in public school,” she explained to WWLP.

Samantha, founder of Students for Life Club, stated that other high school clubs have had no problem setting up their tables during lunch.

“They had information about what their club does and what they have done in the past and they have pictures and they have poster boards just like ours, except for with different content on it,” she told WWLP.

One Branford parent is standing behind Samantha, saying she doesn’t see anything wrong with the life-sized fetuses.

“There is nothing wrong with it,” Melissa Walkley told WWLP. “I mean, I would let my kids see it. This is what a baby looks like as its growing in a mommy’s belly.”

Samantha says her group still plans on setting up her profile table next month.

Panagoulias and the school district’s superintendent declined to comment to WWLP for the story.

CBS News Connecticut: Pro-Life High School Group Says Principal Banned Them From Using Life-Sized Fetus Models

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