EconPop – The Economics of Dallas Buyers Club

by Gramfan on March 11, 2014

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Published on Mar 4, 2014 by EconStories

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EconPop is the YouTube series that sifts through the haystack of popular culture to find the needle of economics within… and then stabs you with it!

Starring comedian Andrew Heaton, EconPop takes a surprisingly deep look at the economic themes running through classic films, new releases, tv shows and more from the best of pop culture and entertainment. Heaton brings a unique mix of dry wit and whimsy to bear on the dismal science of economics and the result is always entertaining, educational and irreverent. It’s Econ 101 meets At The Movies, with a dash of Monty Python.

In this premiere episode of EconPop, Andrew discusses the economics of Academy Award winner Dallas Buyers Club. Subjects include public health and safety regulations, crony capitalism and the role of regulatory capture, the emergence of black and grey markets, and commercial exchange as a means for increased social tolerance.

A Production of

Produced in Association with The Moving Pictures Institute.

Starring: Andrew Heaton
Executive Producers: John Papola, Erin O’Connor
Directed By: Marshall Walker Lee
Written By: Andrew Heaton, Marshall Walker Lee
Produced By: Marshall Walker Lee, Andrew Orsak, Chad Keller, John Papola
Edited By: Joshua Meyers
Cinematography & Design: Andrew Orsak
Sound By: Dan Jimenez
Hair & Makeup: Jillian Finck
Production Assistant: Andy Fernandez

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