The US, NATO and the West use economics to enslave countries – FM Živadin Jovanović

by J P Maher on March 10, 2014

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John Robles has the story at Voice of Russia:

FM Živadin Jovanović
Serbian FM Živadin Jovanović

Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and before it the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia is another country that was also invaded and destroyed by US/NATO. Serbia today is overburdened by foreign debt and through the IMF and other “loans”, like other countries, faces being enslaved by the West. Serbia is proof that when the West gives 1 Euro, it takes 100 Euros. You mentioned the damage of NATO to Yugoslavia $120 billion. But even what was not destroyed, that was privatized by criminal privatization. These issues and more were touched upon by Živadin Jovanović, the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia in an interview with the Voice of Russia.

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Robles: This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Živadin Jovanović. He is the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia and the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals. This is part 4 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at

Jovanović : They are pressurizing Bosnia, you know, to join NATO and Bosnia being composed of two equal entities has Republika Srpska which is not willing to join NATO.

NATO has shown among other things cluster bombs from which people are being killed even today, even 15 years after or 20 when it was the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina or NATO has used missiles with depleted uranium which have provoked thousands and thousands of deaths of civilians.

So what could be benefit in any aspect: if any country joins NATO like cases of former East European countries, they have almost immediately to expand military budgets and they already are so much indebted countries. They are in many cases in red line as far as foreign debt ceiling is concerned.

Serbia also could let’s say benefit of expanding military budget but Serbia today is overburdened by foreign debts, about 60% of GDP of Serbia is a foreign debt. Parliament is concerned, it has decided that the debt cannot be over 40%. But who cares, you know?

The West, they have interests to enslave such countries as Serbia offering them credits and so on and especially when these credits are with political strings.

Robles: Everything they do has strings. If I could comment, please, before we move on and then if you’d like your final comment. Ukraine – it is the same thing, they are pushing them into NATO and I think from my military strategic and geopolitical standpoint, I mean, it seems to me and they are projecting their intentions already by everything they are doing.

I see them surrounding Russia and then China and of course North Korea and that is their final goal – to take over Russian territory and take over Russia and control the resources. And they are striving through political covert and other means to conquer the world. Back to Ukraine, if Ukraine falls to NATO, how do you think it will take for them to come after Russia?

Jovanović : Well, I should like to believe that Ukraine is too big a bit to swallow even for NATO and for the whole West.

Ukraine is in all aspects huge country with great potentials and it is let’s say traditionally considered to be Russian zone of influence, finally it was part of former Soviet Union for so long and even before – the history of unity with Russia is long.

So, I should like to think that wisdom would prevail in the case of Ukraine to find compromise political solution in order to preserve integrity of the country.

If not, of course, Ukraine may fall apart maybe fragmented like some other countries. But once again I say, it is not so easy to destroy Ukraine as perhaps was to take over Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia.

Then, well, they should be I think aware that they are making a great provocation to Russia being nuclear power, I think they should be taking seriously that into consideration. On the other hand you have this strategy of first nuclear strike from the West. It is a really big danger and I think Ukraine’s destabilization makes the whole European continent being destabilized and in extraordinary state of mind.

I’m surprised to tell you very frankly that Germany is not taking, let’s say, a diplomatic initiative to relieve the continent from the tensions and destabilization at the time when they have enough problems within the EU and even in Transatlantic relations. I’m disturbed by some declarations of president Gauck and ministers of German government in Munich when said something like ‘Germany should be relieved of the complex from 1941, Germany is a democratic country and Germany has to take own responsibility within alliance for world relations’.

They have come out openly in the height of Ukrainian crisis, they have come up to publicize something at least new for the public that they are ready to even neglect their own constitution and go to follow the suit of the US in intervening any place in the world. This is I think dangerous.

I think diplomacy should be given a chance in Ukraine, otherwise it may lead to long term destabilization if not to very large and very dangerous military confrontation in Europe.

Robles: The violence is getting worse and worse and it is coming from this opposition.

Jovanović :The government itself seems not to have been united. We had resignation of the Prime Minister there, it was surprising move. And it is really good to think about limits of the EU when the people expect from Brussels better life, when they expect from Brussels something for nothing, when they believe that promises will come true.

Case of Serbia is a proof that it is only lip service that the West gives 1 Euro, it takes 100 Euros. You mentioned the damage of NATO to Yugoslavia $120 billion. But even what was not destroyed, that was privatized by criminal privatization.

Many Americans and companies from other NATO countries have got the best industries, the best production, the best services in Serbia afterwards for nothing because they installed a puppet regime and then the regimes were serving the interests of masters.

So I don’t know how media and how politicians, diplomacy can bring this reality to the Ukrainian public, not to trust these promises. Finally it is not just coincidence that when the EU could offer some only two or three billion Euro for soft credits for Ukraine, Russia offered fifteen billion Euro. And expecting from the EU today some cash or some soft loans would be naïve, would be absurd.

So I think that there should be dialogue in Kiev and that the institutions and constitution of Ukraine should be respected. Even if it is for the change, it is to change it now under pressures and under threats and so on, it should be in stable times. Constitution cannot be tailored for a moment and not in this moment.

Robles: And under pressure from the outside. I personally think that first thing they need to do in Ukraine, the very first thing is to get rid of every Western, NATO influenced player on their political stage, everybody from Klitschko to the other so called oppositioners who are taking their instructions from the US.They need to be removed completely from the equation. It needs to be a Ukrainian resolution to their internal Ukrainian conflict. Ukraine is not a state of the USA and it will never be, but..If we could finish up there, I think sir. Any final comment, maybe about 3 minutes? We have to rapid up.

Jovanović : I would like to say that Serbia’s and Russian interests are of strategic importance and that these strategic relations have been accompanied by more and more concrete deals. And we need more initiatives from both sides especially from Russian side.

We always share same destiny but I would like to say we should share the same opportunities. I think it is really time and reality calls us, Serbia and Russia, to strengthen and expand their relations. And it is not only to serve their own interests, it is to serve the interests of stability in the Balkans and in Europe.

Robles: And I think we could say in the world.

Jovanović : And in the world as far as Russia is concerned especially, but I cannot attribute such a relevance for Serbia, for tiny Serbia.

Robles: Let’s Serbia be a perfect example of what we can do together if we work in peace.

Jovanović : Yes, indeed. There is a need for much more initiatives.

Robles: Peaceful initiatives.

Jovanović : Absolutely. And we have a good ground, we hope that the Gulf Stream will go nicely to be implemented, I think it is not only the interests of Russia and Serbia, it is the interests of the whole European continent. And there are many projects in infrastructure like modernization of railways, metros and energy sector and so on.

I personally have been attached to Russia to come to Dvina river in exploiting mutually with Serbia and Republika Srpska hydro potentials over there. Serbia and Russia and Republika Srpska can do this, we have many good examples of this special kind of cooperation with Russia.

Robles: Well, that is normal, that is good, that is healthy, that is good for the people, that is good for peace, that is good for countries, that is something positive. That is something wonderful. That is something that NATO doesn’t want. I’m sorry, go ahead.

Jovanović : We don’t have to please anybody else except our peoples.

Robles: That is right, thank you, sir, wonderful.

Jovanović : Thank you.

You were listening to part 4 of an interview with Živadin Jovanović, the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia. He is also the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at And as always we wish you all the best wherever in the world you may be.

John Robles

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