US Mardi Gras 2014 carnival float lampoons Obamacare; German floats explore the future

by 1389 on March 2, 2014

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Credit for construction of the New Orleans float goes to Le Krewe d’Etat:

Floats from Rosenmontag Karneval 2014 in Köln und Mainz:

The 2014 theme was “A Look Into the Future.”

Rosenmontag 2014 #1
The Germans sure got this one dead wrong!
Ukrainian rebel and ex-boxer Vitaly Klitschko in a clinch with Vladimir Putin [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #2
Side view of the above float [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #3
Intergalactic Chancellor Angela Merkel [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #4
Obama as self-anointed “world referee” [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #4
Limburg Roman Catholic “bling bishop” Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, currently suspended

Rosenmontag 2014 #6
Uncle Sam emerges as an NSA spy from Angela Merkel’s cellphone [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #7
Alternative energy: Using sewage from kids sitting on toilets to heat classroom [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #8
The baptismal water is from a well-known Cologne fragrance manufacturers, the confessional was sponsored by a brewery: The “Great Suelz Velcro Berger KG V. 1928” has numerous ideas for marketing the Church of the future. (Photo: Helmut Löwe) [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #9
Here’s the baptismal font, labeled 4712 instead of 4711 [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #10
The debate about vehicle tolls [source]

Rosenmontag 2014 #11
Darth Vader, Lord of the United States [source]

Angela Merkel proceeding from the hindquarters of Uncle Sam
From, date unknown

Putin flexing a bicep labeled Crimea
Putin flexing a bicep labeled Crimea [date and source unknown]

German vs. French economies
German vs. French economies [date and source unknown]

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