Admins 1389 and CzechRebel will quit watching the NFL if they pull the Arizona Super Bowl

by 1389 on February 26, 2014

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Why American sports are no longer fun

American sports at every level are just another vehicle for leftist indoctrination.

Because of the continuing NCAA boycott of South Carolina for bowl games, we no longer follow NCAA football. (For non-US readers, the NCAA runs the intercollegiate version of American football.) USC Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier has sold out, because to him, money and publicity are everything and freedom of expression and reverence for the past are nothing. At first, the NCAA was peeved about the Dixie flag on the Capitol dome. But when the South Carolina government despicably caved by moving the flag elsewhere on the Capitol grounds, the NCAA doubled down. Obviously, the NCAA boycott of the State of South Carolina will continue under one pretext or another, until all instances of the Dixie flag and everything that refers to Southern heritage disappears from public, and most likely even private, property.

Confederate flag: If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson

As far as our adversaries are concerned, no amount of capitulation is ever enough.

The place to draw the line in the sand is at the very beginning. Make no Faustian bargains. If you know you are right, own it. Never apologize, and never surrender an inch of ground.

For many years, both of us enjoyed NFL football as a game of skill, strength, and strategy, and as a celebration of masculine courage and vigor. (For non-US readers, the NFL runs the professional version of American football.) NFL football provided us and many others with a refreshing escape from the everyday world of cares, chores, culture wars, and political conflict.

Such is no longer the case. The NFL has begun to take up some fashionable causes, such as their “Play 60” in tandem with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, and the unsightly pink accessories that players and referees wear in October as a reference to breast cancer. There’s a time and a place for everything, and when we’re watching sports, don’t spoil the moment by nagging us about diseases. Kathy Shaidle does a great job of debunking the entire breast cancer charity industry.

When we want to watch sports, we want to watch SPORTS and nothing else.

Sports fans don’t mind the commercials for beer or food or cars – we understand that it pays the bills – but spare us the political indoctrination. As a wonderful contrast, Russia did an superb job of presenting the Sochi Olympics as a pure celebration of athletics. The US will never be able to do the same because it is not a free country.

Now the NFL has taken the side of the sodomite lobby versus all Christendom.

We have other uses for our time, and so do you. If other sports organizations follow suit, we will quit watching US sports entirely.

Washington Examiner: NFL could pull Super Bowl if Arizona religious rights bill passes

Call it what you want — anti-gay or religious rights — but if Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs a controversial bill, you might not be calling Arizona the home of the 2015 Super Bowl.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, S.B. 1062, is the current controversy du jour out of Arizona, and the National Football League is with the opposition.

“Our policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other improper standard,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told USA Today. “We are following the issue in Arizona and will continue to do so should the bill be signed into law, but will decline further comment at this time.”

The Arizona Super Bowl Host committee released a statement saying it disagreed with the bill and its impact on Arizona’s economy.

“On that matter we have heard loud and clear from our various stakeholders that adoption of this legislation would not only run contrary to that goal but deal a significant blow to the state’s economic growth potential,” a committee spokesperson said. “We do not support this legislation.”

Arizona is currently slated to host the 2015 Super Bowl at Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium.

Opponents of the bill contend that it will allow Arizona businesses to refuse service to homosexual customers.

But, as with most bills in Congress, the attack ads have little to do with the actual legislation.

Proponents of the bill claim that no, businesses will not have carte blanche to refuse service to anyone they disagree with based on religious grounds.

More here.

The homosexual “marriage” movement isn’t even about marriage

The real purpose of the sodomite “marriage” campaign is to marginalize and punish Christian churches and believers for our refusal to endorse their way of life. (Here we are talking about churches that actually follow what the Bible says regarding sodomy; wobbly mainstream Protestant “churches” that have already capitulated don’t count.) To put it plainly, they intend to bully us until we stop believing that homosexual acts are sinful. Case in point: Any Christian-owned business that refuses to rent out a ballroom or to decorate a cake for the purpose of celebrating a gay “marriage” ends up being fined and put out of business.

Very few homosexuals have actually gone the trouble to get “married” even where it is legal, and for those who have, it’s all about making a statement and creating eligibility for government benefits. Conspicuously missing is the expectation of long-term fidelity and exclusivity. For that reason alone, gay divorce, along with tragic custody battles for any children who have the misfortune to be involved, promises to become a repeat-business cash cow for attorneys.

The “civil rights” movement was never about promoting freedom, but rather, about enslaving the free

We contend that individuals, businesses and organizations should have an absolute and unquestioned right to refuse service to anyone for any reason or for no reason. Forcing a business owner to transact business with someone whom he does not trust, or who demands that he do something that offends him, amounts to enslavement of that business owner. And yes, even large corporations should have an absolute right to refuse service, with the sole exception of those few corporations that operate public utilities under a government-granted monopoly.


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