Why Democrats and RINOs never take their oaths seriously

by 1389 on February 24, 2014

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1 Uncle Vladdi February 25, 2014 at 7:59 pm

They lie because they are criminals, and lying (fraud) is the most basic form of theft: it’s the theft of the Truth.

Criminals are also therefore idolaters: idolatry is pretended inevitability.

Judeo-Christianity is based on the Golden Rule of Law (most simply put as Do Not Attack First) and also therefore based philosophically on the similar ideal that, between people, all is forbidden unless and until specifically allowed – i.e: I’m not allowed to do anything either TO, or FOR, you, without getting your express consent, first.

From agreeing to this Rule, we gain trust, progress, and Civilization.

Islam (and liberalism) is based on the exact opposite – on what I call the brazen rule of chaos (or, of crime), (where they slanderously hold it’s their holy right and duty to always attack the innocent others first, before they can be ‘inevitably’ attacked) and where all is allowed unless and until it’s very specifically forbidden.

From this, they inflict distrust, stagnation, and barbarism.

Our philosophy and religion are lawful, theirs criminal.


The Qur’an clearly and specifically tells muslims the Bible is wrong and also that all Christians and Jews are infidel criminals who worship a false god, and who must therefore be extorted, enslaved, and murdered for their “crime” of not being muslims.

If and when you consider islam to be a religion, you must agree with it’s main tenet: that God is a violent murderer who wants his muslim tribe to violently conquer the world by extorting, enslaving, and murdering all the non-muslim humans, right?

Now, while there may be some superficial similarities between “allah” and Jehovah, (inflicting physical violence for merely verbal blasphemy) the Jew’s nasty old god only cares about what happens to the Jews themselves in the enviorons of the land of Israel (Zion) while Islam’s Qur’an orders it’s muslims to emigrate and spread islam by the sword throughout the entire world – that’s a literally infinitely worse difference!

PS: While Jehovah may be nasty in that he wants to kill homosexuals etc, he was also first described by Moses (not Jesus) as “God IS Love!” – a sentiment which is disparaged and derided in Muhammad’s Qur’an, where “allah” is held to be only capricious, unknown and unknowable (i.e: conscious Pain; satan) to specifically be
only feared and obeyed, and so never to be admired nor respected, much less loved.

Also it may be noted that Jehovah expressed regret at having to drown Pharaoh’s army, while allah has never regretted inflicting random evil on the universe.

Idolatry (aka Political Correctness; factual incorrectness; lying fraud) is slanderous, victim-blaming criminal extortion: the falsely “defensive” pretense that lying and pretending to like it is a means justified by the ends of self-defense; i.e: “Screw you, I meant to do that!”

This cause-and-effect-free idolatrous notion of the inevitability of extortion posits that, SINCE something CAN happen, SO it WILL happen (i.e: “You WILL attack me, SO I must attack you, ‘pre-emptively/defensively’ first! and so we must rush in lest some other fools beat us to it first!”).

Unfortunately, this paranoid, slanderous pre-judicial ‘Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent’ crime rule can also be found in some Psaulist pseudo-Judeo-Christian writings:

“He who thinks of a Sin, already committed it in his heart!” and “Don’t COVET!” (what – don’t even think about the blue elephant?! Impossible! Better to have said “Don’t DO anything to act upon your criminal thoughts!” which would be reasonable!

Nevertheless, it can be concluded from their own actions and declarations, that:

What sane people call “The Slippery Slope,” liberals (and muslims) call “Progress!”

2 Uncle Vladdi February 25, 2014 at 10:47 pm

Short version: Libs are all about “pragmatism” (ends-justify-means alibi/crime excuses)!

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