Unrest in Venezuela means freedom. Unrest in Ukraine, not so much!

by 1389 on February 23, 2014

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Ozzie Saffa has the story:

Ukraine vs Obama, EU and Soros…

Americans depressed about the state of their country should take heart from the recent uprising in Venezuela, where the people are finally done with their communist over-lords.

Americans should not, however, cheer all the violence and upheaval going on the Ukraine, which is being orchestrated by the EU Marxists, George Soros, Obama and his cronies.

The EU are running out of money and need new markets to exploit to feed the hungry bureaucratic EU:

“The EU has become such an economic drain on the rest of the world, especially the US Federal Reserve, that its current and future indebtedness and unfunded liabilities are simply untenable. Hence, the Ukraine is looked to as a temporary savior because of its many large and robust markets, well established industrial base and transportation links to Asia, as well as it vast natural resources and raw materials.”

For Soros it’s all about money and power. For America it means that if they can bring the Ukraine into the EU then they’ll have a doorway straight into Russia. And Russia – and Putin – aren’t going to allow that, so you can expect a war to break out if the EU Marxists, Obama and money-manipulator/Obama-backer George Soros gets their way and orchestrates the demise of the Ukraine:

What Walesa is really trying to say is that the EU stands to make that much money by controlling the Ukraine markets, natural resources, export/import channels, transportation network, oil and gas conduits, and political apparatus once they join the European Union. These are, after all, the immediate and stated goals of the EU representatives who have weighed in on the matter. And they are determined not to let Russia interfere with their plans, no matter what the level of chaos or death toll required to attain it.”

Or who do you think is paying for the “protesters” to be well-armed? Attacking the capital Kiev and attacking and kidnapping police doesn’t exactly mean this is a “grass-roots” protest. It means it’s a well-planned “occupy” type protest, which, is by huge coincidence, being backed by the same guy who orchestrated the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The Ukraine Spring! Another meddling in by America which is sure to fail – seeing as the much hailed Arab Spring orchestrated and led by Obama and Hilary Clinton hasn’t exactly done favors for the region or the people. America, under Obama, has backed the violent, radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood over the very “democracy” they preach about back home…..

And how do I know that this Ukrainian uprising isn’t grass-roots? When you have war-monger John McCain, war-monger John Kerry and war-monger Obama backing the protests – that’s how. This is not as innocent as it’s being portrayed by the pathetic media around the world.

Most people in the Ukraine are happy to be under Russian influence – despite the history of the country. Only a small minority want to become part of the EU – which is more commie than commie USSR was. How does a small number of EU supporters start such a vicious, violent uprising out of the blue?? How did they become so organised as to fight a government which was democratically elected?? Why not wait until the next election to vote out the government if they’re that unhappy and convinced the entire country wants to move over to the EU??

Why? Because this has been planned for years by the CIA and the EU, that’s why…

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What’s really at stake here?

Ukraine is the route for numerous natural gas pipelines into the EU. More to the point, NATO and the EU see Ukraine as a staging area for missiles pointed at Russia. Mr. Putin understands his duty to the Russian nation and people and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that this will never happen.

The mainstream media is posting a lot of guff about Putin supposedly trying to bring back the Russian Empire. I must point out that the US, the EU, and NATO are leaving Putin and the Russian people with no other alternative, as a matter of survival. If another war breaks out over this, make no mistake – it will backfire on the west good and hard, and the blame lies in Washington DC and in Brussels.

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1 Arius February 24, 2014 at 2:21 am

Your analysis is correct. In Venezuela the opposition is local and due to the assistance of the Cuban secret police NGOs and foreign agents are not significant factor. It is just the opposite in the Ukraine. The EU has stroked to be in conflict, and intends to plow it for its resources and cheap labor. If it is in any sense throwing off tyranny it will have changed from one set of chains to another, the EU, with its new and better Marxist dictatorship.

2 Gramfan February 24, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Pickering’s take:

who would have thought most people are ‘rootin’ for Putin’?

And yes, 1389, you are spot on as usual!

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