Sochi-bashing myths BUSTED! Most everything you saw about problems in Sochi was faked

by CzechRebel on February 17, 2014

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From the horse’s mouth:

Click and see for yourself!

Gossip Sochi: All Sochi’s Myths

Myth №1. Rusty water from the tap
Myth №2. Mass slaughter of animals
Myth №3. Ice-cream in «ass»/ in assortment
Myth №4. Toilet in the wall
Myth №5. Places for judges in a toilet
Myth №6. Sudden fire
Myth №7. A toilet for 5 people
Myth№8. The Olympics will be held with a backdrop of derelict Soviet buildings
Myth №9. Door knobs fall off into your hand
Myth №10. Grass in Sochi is being dyed
Myth №11. Road to the media centre
Myth №12. Assassination of the person responsible for the unopen Olympic ring
Myth №13. Mass computer virus infections for spectators and hacks in Sochi
Myth №14. Anti-gay sign with a lift in the butt
Myth №15. Don’t throw paper down the toilet, eat it!
Myth №16. Toilet signs in Sochi that will make you endure

Satan will host the Winter Olympics in Hell before the western mainstream media tells the truth about Russia or any Orthodox Christian country.

With a few minor exceptions…

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1 j February 17, 2014 at 7:32 pm

Well, of COURSE!! After all, Putin has done the unthinkable! He imprisoned a group of vile sluts for desecrating a cathedral, announced that there would be NO Sodomite propagandizing in his town, thumbed his nose at the muslim terrorist threats to shut down the Olympics ( instead of kissing their asses like Obongo does), proudly speaks of his membership in the Church as an Orthodox Christian, and worst of ALL – just by standing up and looking natural, if he is anywhere near Obongo, he shows the world the difference in a MAN and a pussified little Nancyboy. What else could the MSM DO besides try to trash the country that refuses to kiss the golden butt cheeks of the PC gods? As I once sent in an email to Mr. Putin, I would be so happy if HE were the leader of the USA instead of the pile of walking vomit that we have in DC now.

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