Muslim gangs drug and rape children all over the UK – Britain finally starts to wake up

by 1389 on February 10, 2014

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It isn’t about “race” – it’s all about Islam.
The girls being molested are predominantly non-Muslim.

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1 lwesson February 10, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Because FREEDOM of SPEECH is a tortured, nearly dead issue in what was once Great Briton, one must twist this subject about to avoid hate crime 1984 Orwellian laws. Even then, this chap is on thin ice talking about Muslims. Here, let me help you, YES it is about Race!

The British People have been the subject of replacement. Cultural Marxists want to wash away the Culture, Language, Religion, Race, Traditions, History… of the British People. The Finest Hour Britons did their job, won a manufactured war, and now must GO! Just like Winston Churchill was done away with. Churchill, by the way had some opinions after the war that are most non PC and that do not fit the Marxist Narrative. Blimey!

One insidious way was to import, inject Muslims. It is a two fer bonus shot. Alien people and an very hostile Alien religion. Smashingly brilliant! Those responsible should get to briefly feel the blade that took poor Anne Boleyn’s head off. Oh what the Hell, let that blade linger a bit, they deserve it, Anne did not.

The Muslims, all of them, should be sent to their lovely shiny Hell Muslim States. Out of England, asap, every single one! The Kinks have a song, Living on a Thin Line, about that there is no England anymore. Well played Kinks. So true.

2 Juan February 11, 2014 at 8:50 am

When I was a child I thought Britain was the most powerful and intelligent country in the world. As an adult I can now see that the people of that country are morons, especially the politicians. Why you import anyone who is on a mission to kill you and take over your country? Up in Canada the politicians are also pandering to Islam, the stupidity continues.

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