New research: Bee deaths NOT due to neonicotinoids; virus spread by parasites to blame

by 1389 on February 8, 2014

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Blogmocracy has the story.

Commenter Bumr50 has a follow-up:

Looks like bee gates could help.

Bayer and Frankfurt University are on the case!

A new way of protecting bees against varroa mites

The bee gate

Western honey bees are in danger: American and European beekeepers have been reporting massive bee losses for several years. One of the main causes of these losses is the varroa mite. In the past, efforts to control this parasite have concentrated exclusively on treatment in the hive, but foraging bees then bring back new mites when they return home. Bayer’s scientists have been working with bee researchers from Frankfurt University to develop the varroa gate, which is designed to prevent reinfection. This innovative front door should effectively protect the hive against the deadly parasite.

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