“In real life, terrorists are almost always Muslim. In the movie theater, they are anything but.”

by 1389 on January 26, 2014

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Movie terrorists are portrayed as “Serb nationalists” (of whom blog admin 1389 is probably the last living example), Russian Orthodox Christians, the American “religious right” or the ever-popular “Tea Party activists”.

Problem is, Serbs, Russians, American Christians, and Tea Party activists aren’t the ones perpetrating the acts of violence.

Muslims are.

Daniel Greenfield has the story: Hollywood’s Muslim Lies.

Who’s behind this?

We already know that the studios get tax breaks in return for funneling contributions to leftist candidates, just about all of whom support Muslim interests and enable Islamic expansionism. The studio executives are deathly afraid of accusations of “Islamophobia”. They also fear Muslim retaliation in the form of rioting and acts of sabotage if Muslims or Islam appear on film as anything less than exemplary.

And then there’s the Hollywood Bureau of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which is a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

From the MPAC Hollywood Bureau website:

MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau serves as a bridge between the Muslim community and the entertainment industry. The Bureau is responsible for advancing Muslim American perspectives in the entertainment industry by serving as an information clearinghouse in Islam for the Hollywood community. The Bureau also works with the Muslim American community to nurture creative talent and connect aspiring Muslim filmmakers, writers and actors with Hollywood professionals.

MPAC experts provide information, background, and consultation that addresses cultural and religious sensitivities in such areas as civil rights, politics, foreign affairs, art, culture, history, law, family issues and more. 


Fostering Relationships with Industry Professionals
Bureau staff meet regularly with executives, producers, directors, screenwriters and actors to develop mutually beneficial relationships, and share expertise and insight that can lead to financially and critically successful projects. 

Consulting on Film and TV Projects
The Bureau works with studios and production companies to serve as a consultant on film and television projects that depict Islam or have an impact on the Muslim community. The Bureau seeks to promote balanced and accurate portrayals of Muslim-related issues in such movies and shows, as well as educate the filmmakers and producers about religious, political and cultural issues in the Muslim world in order to give deeper context to their creative work. 

Networking Events
The Bureau will host events in order to create opportunities for industry insiders to interact with aspiring Muslim filmmakers with the goal of facilitating Muslim American involvement in Hollywood. It will also provide opportunities for studios and filmmakers to screen their work before Muslim audiences and gather feedback. 

Honoring Voices of Courage and Conscience
In coordination with the MPAC Foundation, the Bureau recognizes professionals in the entertainment industry whose work offers humanizing and multi-dimensional portrayals of Islam and Muslims. The Media Awards gala dinner honors artists, actors, authors, and activists for their artistic contributions in promoting diversity and mutual understanding.

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