#BlackFridayFights and #WalmartFights and #Brawlmart in the news: What’s really going on here?

by 1389 on November 29, 2013

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What’s with all the news stories?

I work in retail, and before going to work on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday, I prayed, as I often do, that each shift would be uneventful. Thank God, nothing went wrong beyond the usual minor inconveniences. When I got home, I checked Drudge Report and other news feeds as I constantly do. Naturally I found a plethora of stories and videos about Thanksgiving and Black Friday brawls, customer riots, mayhem, and other crime during “door buster” sales at shopping malls and big-box stores, especially WalMart. If you’re curious, you can find some links at #BlackFridayFights and #WalmartFights and #Brawlmart and #BlackAndBlueFriday on Twitter; you don’t even have to be a Twitter member to view the hashtag search results.

So I mentioned the Black Friday violence news to fellow blog admin CzechRebel.

Now CzechRebel knows a thing or two about the media. First of all, he reminded me that whenever you have large numbers of people, you WILL have crime. The police blotter is never empty! It’s all in how the news media wants to spin it.

If the media want to downplay violence in a particular location or among a particular demographic, they suppress the stories or leave out important details. If they want us to think that violence is rife, they’ll find stories that play it up. If there aren’t any real altercations, they’ll find some way to stage them, even if it means recruiting some dudes who didn’t make the cut at the NHL or the WWF to stage fake fights on cue.

Cui bono?

CzechRebel pointed out that the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales are all about people getting ready for the next major holiday – Christmas – which of course is an important Christian celebration. So if news stories show people committing crimes and making fools of themselves during the Christmas season, that’s an opportunity for the mainstream media, who are largely left-wing and anti-Christian, to portray Christians as dangerous, low-class hypocrites.

I suggested that there might be another motive: retail chains that advertise in the news media get extra publicity from news stories about customers fighting over their products. They love the stories about customers camping out in the cold outside the stores, waiting for the doors to open with particularly desirable items on sale. These stories create the image: ‘Our products are so cool and our prices are so low that customers are literally fighting to get at them!’ Amateur news videographers check out the crowds with their cell phones and video cameras, hoping to catch newsworthy events to post on YouTube or to submit to local TV stations. This hype helps to pump sales among bored youths who don’t realize that they have better uses for their time.

Yet another reason for all the media focus on these stories:

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