This is huge: Even the Chicago Tribune calls for repeal of #Obamacare!

by 1389 on November 16, 2013

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A man resembling Ted Cruz is shooting a busted-up jalopy labeled 'Obamacare' to put it out of its misery

Breitbart has the story:

Hometown Paper That Endorsed Obama Calls for ObamaCare Repeal

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By John Nolte

Barack Obama’s hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, endorsed the president twice for president. Friday, the same Chicago Tribune called for ObamaCare to be immediately repealed before it can do any more damage:

Stop digging. Start over.

As Friday dawns, here’s what a health insurance crisis looks like to many millions of Americans: Barely six weeks shy of 2014, they do not know whether they will have medical coverage Jan. 1. Or which hospitals and doctors they might patronize. Or what they may pay to protect themselves and their families against the chance of medical and financial catastrophe. How much, that is, they may pay in order to satisfy the Democratic politicians and federal bureaucrats who are worsening a metastasizing health coverage fiasco. …

We understand why the president and leaders of his party want to rescue whatever they can of Obamacare. On their watch, official Washington has blown the launch of a new entitlement program … under the schedule they alone set in early 2010.

What we don’t understand is their reluctance to give that failure more than lip service. Many of the Americans who heard their president say Thursday that “we fumbled the rollout of this health care law” would have been pleased to hear him add: So we’re admitting it. This law is a bust. We’re starting over.

You can expect the calls to repeal ObamaCare to grow from non-GOP sources in the coming days. The news released Saturday that thousands of doctors have been dropped from Medicare Advantage is a likely tipping point. Destroying health care for the elderly is The Third Rail on steroids. This is Armageddon for Democrats. The only chance they have is to repeal. If they do not, they will be wiped out in 2014 and 2016.

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