Burqa dude BOLO: Major hunt underway in the UK for Somali terror suspect in female disguise

by 1389 on November 6, 2013

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Mirror (UK) has the story:

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 27, was last seen on Friday afternoon at a mosque in Acton, west London

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed without his burqa
Wanted: Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is believed to have fled the mosque wearing a burka
Photo: Metropolitan Police

A terror suspect is being hunted by Scotland Yard after breaching his control order.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 27, was last seen going into a mosque wearing Western-style clothes.

But after studying CCTV pictures, police believe he later emerged in a burka before disappearing.

He is not considered a direct threat to the public but officers are urging anyone who sees him to call 999.

Somalia-born Mohamed, 5ft 8in and of medium build, is is believed to have carried out his quick change at around 3.15pm in Acton, West London.

Airports and border agencies have been alerted after a court order protecting his anonymity was lifted.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed CCTV images
Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed
Photo: PA

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Mohamed is known to have attended the An-Noor Masjid and Community Centre (Mosque) in Church Road, Acton at around 10am on Friday November 1st.

“He was last seen at 3.15pm inside the mosque. Mr Mohamed changed into Islamic clothing. He has not been seen since.

“The Counter Terrorism Command immediately launched inquiries to trace Mr Mohamed and these continue. Ports and borders were notified with his photograph and details circulated nationally. Public safety remains our priority.

At the request of the police an anonymity order imposed by a court was lifted on Saturday to allow a public appeal.

“Anyone who sees Mr Mohamed or knows of his whereabouts should not approach him, but call 999 immediately.

“If anyone has other information which they think could be relevant to police efforts to trace Mr Mohamed they should contact the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.”

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1 Zenster November 9, 2013 at 12:25 am

Apropos of nothing—except for the repulsive topic of burqas in general—while shopping at a local Hindu food store where I buy my curries and whatnot, ahead of me in line was this woman in full face mask but, otherwise, wearing rather tight-fitting clothing even if it was all-covering.

In the course of her purchase she managed to exude the usual “treat-me-special-because-I’m-a-Muslim” taurine fecal matter and, much to her credit, the Indian girl working her cash register was having none of it.

Myself, I was seething at the sight of some snotty-@ssed, fully masked, Muslima spewing her “I’m entitled because I’m Islamic” fecking attitude. To my immense relief, this terrorist brood mare finally threw down her unchecked purchases and stalked out of the store—closely followed by my not-too-quiet exclamations of “good riddance” and “shop somewhere else!”.

Go ahead and ask me why it frosts my Johnson to see these Muslima swine in full burqa parading themselves on the streets of what was once free America. Just don’t expect much in the way of a polite or very short answer.

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