Revealed: John Huntsman’s campaign spread the lies about Herman Cain and Mitch Daniels’ wife in 2011

by 1389 on November 3, 2013

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Back then, I had some theories about who originated and who spread the smears against Herman Cain. We still don’t know who originally located and recruited the accusers; I still suspect David Axelrod had a hand in that. But if the reporting in the book Double Down is accurate, it turns out that the Huntsman campaign was responsible for dishing the dirt to the blogosphere and the media.

Too bad the truth comes out only after irreparable damage has been done. Under no circumstances should we ever allow John Huntsman or his campaign operatives to have any further influence in public life.

Newsbusters has the story.
(h/t: lobo91)

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1 Jeffrey Hardin November 5, 2013 at 2:41 am

This is tough for me…

I got slammed and even lost friends over this guy, and I’ll today stand by what I said in 2007.

Herman for 13 years paid for Ginger White’s apartment, then later the condo he purchased for her. He wined and dined her, lavished expensive gifts upon her and frequently visited her home, and not once mentioned her to his wife during this decade long, so called Platonic relationship?!

He did admit to as much, yet fought off the more damning allegations she made that their 13 year “platonic” relationship was indeed filled with sexual innuendos…I paid very close attention to this myself and came to the conclusion along with deeply felt intuition, that Herman did have a sexual relationship with Ginger White, just as she said they did, no doubt about it.

I also felt that he most likely to one degree or another made advances to his other accusers, and harassed one or more of them, his own actions during this time spoke volumes against him.

Which by the way, and is something far to many wrongly dismissed. None of these woman wanted notoriety, none of them wanted this out in the open, and none of these woman wanted to comment against Cain until he started running his big mouth off at them and making allegations of his own towards them, all the whilst they were saying nothing about him, they said nothing until he attacked their character and credibility first. Then and only then did they defend themselves and had the right to do so!

Cain’s actions caused me great concern, and it also made me question everything Cain denied and said afterward and I found fault in his many attacks, denials and explanations. He made far to many contradictory statements defending himself throughout this whole spectacle.

To date, none have sued him as many claimed they would, that they were gold digging whores after his money?!

Hog wash, these woman wanted nothing but to be left alone…

I am a strict conservative Paleocon, but before all else, and above all else, I am a Christian.

All politics set aside, I used discernment, I judged and counter judged, and deducted from the things I witnessed of this whole shameful mess. I saw these woman only for how they presented themselves and was ashamed at my Christian brothers and sisters for the manner in which they attacked these woman and handled this, especially the sickening names that were called these woman.

Yes this mess was leaked out for political reasons, yes it was meant to hurt Cain, and yes it was expected to damage his political career, but these leaks did not make these woman any the less credible, any the less plausible or ineffective, nor did it diminish their characters in defending themselves.

Not one word or documentation of proof was ever presented that these Liberal woman lied or were even remotely deceitful in their allegations against Cain, but on the other hand, Herman showed by his own volition that he did lie, and that he was being deceitful and shamefully artificial?

AS far as I was concerned, this was about a presidential candidate admitting he engaged in some very questionable behavior. Late night texting, lavishing gifts upon a much younger woman, dining with and even visiting her home at late hours without his wife?
All inexcusable and very questionable actions for a married Christian man period!

How many woman and or wives would allow this type of relationship of secrecy therebetween their spouses and a female friend, and how many of you men would excuse this if it were your wives instead?

Not very many of you would have remained married for very long had you or your spouses committed the same disgraceful actions!

But we conservatives like our Liberal counter parts, set all the proof of wrong doing aside and circled our wagons around our boy and made a horrible spectacle of ourselves in the process!

And just imagine, we conservatives, we claim to be the sole proprietors of righteous morality, yet we defended this man because he was one of our lesser evils and not a Liberal one?!

Do you think we would have tolerated Herman Cain had he been our adversary, hell the no we wouldn’t have…

We just can not have it both ways, that’s not how Christianity works!

And YHVH, well, he just will not tolerate this from us either.

2 1389 November 5, 2013 at 8:46 am

@Jeffrey Hardin,

Problem is, we are NOT going to find a conservative candidate who has never sinned. Jesus Christ is not running for election as head of state of any earthly kingdom.

If we insist on somebody who passes all of the “purity tests” with regard to sex, drugs, broken marriages, and so forth, we will instead end up with candidates who are seriously infected with the sin of pride. That’s what we had in Mitt Romney, who by the way was and is no conservative either. Yes, I held my nose and voted for Romney, solely because he wasn’t Obama. But Romney is still smearing the Tea Party on behalf of the GOP elite (who are complete sellouts to the Left), and now it comes out that he has an unpleasant habit of making fun of other people’s appearance. Hey, I don’t trust Chris Christie either, but that’s based on his policies and his track record, not his looks.

Ginger White didn’t sue Herman Cain because she was as much at fault in that relationship as he was. There wasn’t any grounds for a lawsuit. She couldn’t hold down a job or run a business or keep a marriage together so she became a part-time harlot, on an informal basis, to make ends meet. She had other “sugar daddies” besides Cain.

Obama IS our adversary and he is a practicing sodomite. Evidently we do tolerate that in the US.

3 Jeffrey Hardin November 5, 2013 at 4:40 pm

That is true, we are not without sin. We all fall short of the glory of God.

But truer still are how we treat our past sins? Doesn’t mean we have to profess anything we have done to anyone, but through the son to the father, it took two to tango as they say.

What Cain did was to further inflict his sin upon us with what amounted to personal attacks on people who wanted nothing to do with this leak, he made it a personal quest to defend what character he had left, that he was guilty of tarnishing himself, and he continued to lie and continued to be deceitful to his supporters!

There is where our past sins meet up with the present ones by repeating them and where I draw the line of support?

We have no one to blame for our current cultural condition because we chose to elect the lesser of the two evils who eventually would not support us, what a big surprise that is, and now we’re surrounded by those lesser evils we elected who are awaiting to eagerly and hungrily to devour us.

They are our little monsters….My question is, why aren’t Christians pushing for more godly candidates, are we trying to fool ourselves into believing there are none to select from, so we have to settle on the lesser of men and woman to do our bidding?

We sought the godly out ourselves up until the 90s and then started relying on organizations to do the work for us, we got lazy.

These are organizations by the way that did not hold true to our godly principles and one of those are the all inclusive Tea Party’s.

We are taking whatever lesser evils the RNC, the Tea Party’s and Establishment Republicans throw at us when we have a deep christian rich Representative pool to pick from ourselves, and we aren’t encouraging them and doing the leg work ourselves to give them notoriety, thus encouraging others to back them, we are relying on the lesser evils to pick our candidates for us and then are saying how sad it is that we have to pick the lesser of the two evils? YHVH is not finding that very funny…

We have lost our faith and convictions to do anything on our own and by scriptural guidance, and that is both terribly sad and horribly reprehensible as a Christians!

We’re being devoured by the very fools and charlatans we elected knowing they will turn on us, knowing them to be evil, knowing them to be corrupt, evil at any level in our lives will never support our christian principles and especially our faith, why are we even bothering with them atoll knowing they will betray us?

No wonder YHVH’s hand has been lifted from upon us…

It’s no wonder Christianity is no longer being defended, we have supported the lesser evils to the point that the righteous no longer believe they have a chance to win and why should they other wise, we keep turning our backs on them?!

We complained Michelle Bachmann had no experience, yet she fought everyday against the GOP from 2001 – to the present and got pounded for it by them, and we turned our backs to her, she may not have had the experience many wanted, but she was a good christian woman and seasoned politician who would have put together a strong team for us and we threw her to the dogs because the Tea Party said to?!

There were still few others who would have done us good, but we let fear tactics dictate bad actions from us and we chose instead to fail our faith and our YHVH god by supporting a lesser evil, we could have come together and beat all this evil back, but we instead got spooked and surrendered our faith and gave into our sin nature.

There are an army of lesser evils standing against us, and what do we do today instead, we elect more of them to build up their army of darkness against us, sounds melodramatic doesn’t it?

Wait till they are cut loosed upon us?!

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