Now this is disgusting: Egypt’s executioner: Strangling has been my hobby since childhood, I just love my job

by 1389 on October 30, 2013

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I think you can forget trying to win the heart and mind of this fellow…

Warns the admin at The Muslim Issue:

He was evil already in his childhood. Is anyone surprised? It’s not an isolated mentality. The majority of them are evil by nature. He openly admits that he was ‘a small satan’.

There exist no moral or humanitarian consciousness in him at all. He cannot even see that he himself is the very evil he pretends to despise, as an excuse to kill anything that moves. That level of reasoning doesn’t exist in this muslim. Few of them possess any normal sense of humanity. One need only to look at their own countries, and the atrocities they openly endorsed to realize we are dealing with a subhuman mindset that is stuck in a true expression of evil. In this world there doesn’t exist a single muslim majority society that is not an image of a nightmarish satanic fable.

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi brags how he started his career as an obsessive hobby by torturing and killing innocent animals unwittingly passing his path; a common indicator of serial killers and psychopaths.

Is this the kind of people who should be permit residency to and give passports to in the West? Is this the kind of people to trade with? Is this what we should collaborate with? Isolate these animals and cut off all trade with them, deport them from our countries, and close all doors on them and let them figure out why no one wants their presence anywhere in the world. That is the way to deal with muslims.

Transcript and video here, if you can stomach it.

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1 Zenster October 30, 2013 at 12:35 pm

In this world there doesn’t exist a single muslim majority society that is not an image of a nightmarish satanic fable.

This remains a single, indisputable and incontrovertible fact that nearly all media outlets and Western governments simply cannot wrap their heads around much less bring themselves to admit. It is this “ostrich” mode that will earn them the very harshest sort of reprisals once the non-Muslim global community comes to its senses.

All that remains to be seen is whether it will take one or more incidents of nuclear terrorism to instigate such a reaction. With each passing day of further inaction and appeasement, this horrendous and totally avoidable outcome becomes ever more probable. Equally despicable is how such Western flaccidity bears ultimate responsibility for the inevitable Muslim holocaust that would likely follow such monstrous atrocities.

We are well past the point where these treasonous bastards can just shrug and pretend that it was all some sort of understandable and lamentable mistake.

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