Britain sells its soul to attract Islamic investments

by Gramfan on October 30, 2013

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It’s a Faustian bargain. Details here:

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1 lwesson October 30, 2013 at 12:31 pm

“Losing our souls?” The English People have been sold out, their history & heritage thrown out, their sacrifices tossed out… and you had better agree, say the right things or you will be manhandled into Court, into jail, into prison, losing your job etc… but don’t worry your heads about that soul.

THE WALKING DEAD The soul has long gone, UK Telegraph you poor complacent twits! To Cameron, to the Power Elite, the people are just bodies to be busied along with, used, discarded. Internationalists approve. Cultural Marxists approve. The Muslims approve… all of whom should be in The Tower of London enjoying a damp cold English built and designed dungeon.

Now might I ask, what was World War 2 really about? Winston Churchill, no longer needed and booted out as Prime Minister by cheering Socialist/Marxists had a kind of buyer’s remorse after The War and with it, some sage observations that are verboten, illegal now in Orwellian 1984 England.

No, the soul has long since departed the body.

2 Gramfan October 30, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Truly sad 🙁

How ironic that the British Establishment couldn’t cope with Princess Diana having a Muslim boyfriend (not a jihadi-type either), but now this is quite acceptable to them.

3 October 31, 2013 at 3:31 am

What is the number 1 problem on our planet ?
Why don’t we fix the number one problem on our planet ?
There are only 2 billion of the problem now.
How many more trillions are we going to waste ?
Who will get the ultimate peace prize plus the planetary carbon-footprint reduction prize.
We are waiting for someone to make history.

It seems……Putin is the man…….. i feel Putin will rescue this planet from the morass it is in right now.
Putin has the wits to outsmart and smash you know what and the you know whos.
Let’s see……

Islam is a magnet for the angry and the mentally ill to remain angry and mentally ill.
Future man will be illiterate ,sadistic and mentally ill. The whole world will be muslim. Education will stop and human minds will become gutters just like the head honcho of islam was soooo many years and tears back….. illiterate ,sadistic and mentally ill.
Reading the co-ran is not education in fact it is de-education.
The advent of gutter islam being taken for a religion is the paramount mistake humans made in their evolution. One cannot ever be smarter than the top nut job of the cult was 1400 years back who scared some cowards into his filthy cult.
Our politeness will be savagely replaced by idiocy and anarchy. Humans have doomed themselves by forcibly taking a mad arab’s filthy rantings as words of intelligence.
Earth will be the first planet to actually witness reverse-Darwinism thanks to the stunting of the human mind by stifling the female of the species.
Soon there will be only muslims… humans.
We are dooming our children to the arabs.
This is our precise future because instead of banning it we are politely ushering in gutter thoughts and paedophilia .
Paedophilia is legal in islam. What will happen yo/our children???
…………you’re Welcome.

4 Juan Eduardo October 31, 2013 at 4:48 pm

The people of Britain should be rioting in front of the homes of politicians “every night”, until “all” immigration has stopped. When I was a child living in Canada (under the Union Jack flag), I was under the impression that British people were the smartes and most courageous in the world, and that is why I’m so shocked to see that Britts have allowed politicians to pollute their country with massive numbers of Islamic immigrants. I know some Muslims are good people, but all immigration must stop, the percentage of radicals is much too high. In Canada the Muslim situation is so out of control that our Liberal party leader attends a mosque, see Youtube video:
Canadian courts are now jailing Christian pastors who openly ciritcize the Islamic takeover of public schools, I’m not kidding… see that video.

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