President Putin: Westerners deny, reject their Christian roots (video)

by 1389 on October 29, 2013

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President Putin, the Russian president rightfully criticized the Western world for rejecting and denying their Christian roots and he called Russians not to imitate the immoral and atheistic West. Please click on the link below and watch the highlights of President Putin’s remarkable speech with English scripts:

Putin on cultural self preservation

Published on Oct 27, 2013 by Ban Koran

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1 lwesson October 29, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Cultural Marxists have been most successful. It took nearly 7o years since World War 2 to grind down The West, so it is fair to ask, “Just who “won & lost” World War 2 anyway?” I think Putin knows. He certainly is at the front of leading Russia away from the various cancers devouring The West alive.

No, back to the question of who won and who lost WW2. The supposed historical victors with all the blather of fighting for Freedom, have been reverting into stellar totalitarian states for some time. Political prisoners grow, and monitoring all of the sheeple will give those FEMA Camps, occupants. It is just getting worse. Ed Snowden took the lid off the cauldron of the 1984 Stew of spying and for that he is despised by the Powers that Be.

Hate Crimes, Hate Think, Hate Facts, Hate History, Hate Culture, Hate Race, Hate Gender, Hate Religion… the crimes are endless for the Cultural Marxists. The interesting thing is, that discussion of such is a crime in and of itself. Of course it is, it has to be. There is only one way, the correct way, to act, to think, to understand… Go outside the boundaries at your own peril.

I think that this is why Putin is so despised. A leader of a major World Power has gone rogue. Good! Good for Russia. Good for Putin. Good for what is left of The West.

2 Arius October 29, 2013 at 4:04 pm

Putin continues to surprise again and again. Where in the West can we find his equal? We used to have such leaders, but now no more. Western institutions are now controlled by malfeasance and disinformation and the leveraging of debt upon more debt. I have come to the conclusion that the West is putting its entire libido (energy) into self-destruction.

World power is shifting from the West to the East. Any State that is tied to the West will go down the drain with it. Serbia and Greece should cut their ties to the West and look to the East and its institutions like the SCO.

3 Zenster October 30, 2013 at 10:03 pm

Arius: Putin continues to surprise again and again. Where in the West can we find his equal?

Be very careful about giving Putin such high praise. The West has no use for what he really stands for. Putin is part of the old Soviet KGB ancien régime brought forward and represents an entrenched oligarchy that has so strangled free market economics in Russia to the point where it continues to breed despair and rampant alcoholism. It is only Obama’s utter treachery and devastating incompetence that makes Putin look at all good.

4 1389 October 30, 2013 at 10:32 pm


I respectfully, but very strongly, disagree.

Putin was never head of the KGB; he was a lower-level operative. Since that time, he converted to Orthodox Christianity and has made considerable inroads against the entrenched oligarchy. I’m a member of a Russian Orthodox parish and we hear quite a bit about what goes on in Russia.

Heavy alcohol use has been a Russian phenomenon ever since there have been Russians. It’s probably part of the DNA and/or a means of dealing with the cold climate and arduous way of life. That said, I’m a Serb, and Serbs can drink Russians under the table, so I’m not going to judge the Russians for that.


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