EMP: Power industry is literally playing games instead of taking action to harden infrastructure

by 1389 on October 29, 2013

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Staging elaborate simulation games is beside the point. We already know how to harden our infrastructure at a cost that we can easily afford. The technical know-how exists. What’s missing is the political will to get it done.

Real American Blackout: Will GridEx II Protect Against It or Ensure It Happens?

Published on Oct 28, 2013 by securefreedom


On October 27th, 2013, National Geographic aired a docu-drama entitled “American Blackout.” It simulated what would happen to our country, its economy and its people if a cyber attack shut down the nation’s electric power distribution system known as “the grid.”

As the movie makes clear, in just 10 days, hundreds of thousands lost their lives, vast destruction of property occurred and societal breakdown was underway.

Is such an horrific scenario a real possibility? Could the grid, in fact, be taken down in other ways that would deny the nation electrical power for far longer than 10 days? If so, what would be the consequences?

Even if no rogue nuclear power or cyber hackers successfully attack our grid, another solar event will sooner or later occur that will take down our power grids. Every nation must take steps to harden itself against solar EMP.

Securing America from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): Technical and Policy Challenges

Published on Oct 25, 2013 by securefreedom

Moderator — Frank J. Gaffney Jr., CSP


Brigadier General (ret.) Ken Chrosniak, Member of EMPact America, a firefighter with Carlisle Fire Rescue, VP of Cumberland Goodwill Ambulance (EMS) Company, and member of the FBI vetted InfraGard EMP Special Interest Group. Ken is an instructor at the Army War College’s Center for Strategic Leadership Development.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), Chair, Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse Caucus; Member, Intelligence, Emerging Threats, and Capabilities Subcommittee; Member, Strategic Forces Subcommittee.

Major General (ret.) Robert Newman, Former Adjutant General of Virginia; Deputy Assistant to the Governor, Virginia; Vice Director of Operations & Logistics at US Joint Forces Command ; Deputy Director of Homeland Security at National Guard Bureau.

The backbone of the United States and its 21st Century society is our electric grid. Without it, every critical infrastructure — including food, water, medicine, telecommunications, finance and transportation — would be inoperable, with catastrophic consequences for many millions of Americans whose lives would be imperiled by the loss of such services.

Unfortunately, the U.S. bulk power system is presently vulnerable to widespread damage and possible destruction from a variety of sources. Arguably, the most serious of these is electromagoetic pulse (EMP), whether induced by natural phenomena (i.e., solar flaring and the resultant space weather) or enemy actions (e.g., localized attacks on the grid’s critical nodes- roughly 1,000 transformers- involving radio frequency weapons or strategic attacks utilizing exoatmospheric detonations of nuclear weapons). Either could have the effect of blacking out large parts of the United States for protracted periods of time.

This panel will consider the emerging consensus that such threats are real and must be remediated; examine how best to make the present and future grids resilient against these and related dangers (including cyber-warfare); and address the necessary federal-and state-level legislative and executive branch actions required to effect such changes.


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1 Zenster October 30, 2013 at 1:23 pm

Thank you for keeping awareness regarding the threat of EMP alive in the blogsphere. Yours is one of the few websites that does so with any regularity and you are to be commended for it.

Many years ago bin Laden advocated a shift from violent jihad to one of an economic nature. There has already emerged the specter of recent, staggeringly expensive, forest fires being a result of terrorist activity. Whether through cyber attack or a nuclear triggered EMP, the overall impact from a catastrophic shutdown of the continental US utility grid would equal or exceed that of a nuclear device being detonated at ground level.

That this similarity of outcomes sounds so preposterous is a solid measure of just how uninformed most people are with respect to our dependence upon the power grid and what amounts to near-total unpreparedness for any large scale failure of it.

I was working on the testing EMP resistant integrated circuits in the early 1980s, so that should give readers some idea of how long there has been a sufficient understanding of this problem which, in reality, was originally discovered during the first atomic bomb tests at the Los Alamos Trinity site. That should be taken as a measure of just how well known and completely ignored this issue has been.

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