More dangerous hot air…this time from Al Gore

by Gramfan on October 23, 2013

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Al Gore lied, innocent people died, and there’s no end in sight.

Larry Pickering has the story:

Al Gore breathing fire and brimstone

The ABC has once again trawled the depths of fantasy for support for the unsupportable, and no prizes for guessing who they came up with:  The scammer who has made the most money from the global warming fraud, Al Gore. The culpable Greens were nowhere to be seen for comment.

Asking Al Gore to comment on our fires is akin to asking Philip Morris to comment on smoking… but that’s our ABC.

I recall holding a dribbling canvas hose attached to an almost empty water tank before my parents’ house was burnt to the ground in Greensborough, Victoria, 68 years ago. What has changed? Nothing!

The Australian bush has always been a dangerous place to live. The bush is simply doing what it normally does and we call it a disaster. But it’s only a disaster because we are in the way.

The sound of bellbirds and the aroma of bucolic bush blossoms are a magnet to those escaping high house prices in grubby cities. But it’s a foreign place.

Bushfires must happen, whether lightning starts them, Aborigines start them or army ordinances start them.

Unfortunately, the longer a fire can be prevented the bigger the eventual fire.

Every 10 -15 years combustible undergrowth builds to where it becomes a tinderbox of kindling begging to be ignited. Only then can the natural regeneration of the bush begin again.

The only true, definable culprits of these disasters are the Greenies. They lobby against the clear-felling of trees around settlements, and they win. They overtake councils. Their arrogance is breathtaking. Their lack of understanding of the bush is confounding and at the cost of countless lives and poperty.

I recall, 10 years ago, a shattered man looking for photos of his dead kids among the ashes of his home, wondering how he was going to pay the $30,000 fine administered to him by a Green dominated council for attempting to clear his property of combustible material.

It is the inevitable fire’s intense heat that breaks open the rich, pregnant pods and allows our bush to regenerate, to survive.

We cannot build houses in fire-prone areas unless we are prepared to regularly clear undergrowth and clear-fell fire-breaks. But Green gophers won’t allow that.

After much expensive research, the Department of Sustainability and Environment came up with this incisive piece of advice for people who reside in bushfire prone regions: 1. Be alert. 2. If you decide to leave, leave early.

Pretty clever of them? “Go or stay… your decision! If you stay and die, we suggested you to go! If you go and die, we suggested you to stay. Our shiny bums are absolved from blame either way.”

The right advice? “Be prepared to get the fuck out of there as soon as you smell or see smoke… or next time don’t build your bloody house there.”

More trees have died of old age than have ever been cut down and dead trees supply more  fuel for the inevitable fire. And that’s the way the Green gophers want it to stay.

Al Gore continues with his litany of documented lies and he has no knowledge of the Australian bush. He lives in penthouses charging $200,000 to guest speak and makes millions from hoarded carbon credits.

To suggest a link to fallacious global warming is scandalous but that’s what our discredited ABC invited him to suggest.

It seems each day provides one more valid reason to rid us of this ABC aberration.

These fires should be investigated for evidence of foul play – in particular, forest fire jihad.

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1 gramfan October 24, 2013 at 12:38 am

One fire was accidently lit by the Army! Must be due to global warming/sarc off!

An excellent piece by Dr David Evans here:

2 Gramfan October 24, 2013 at 2:09 am

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