Obamacare shock: 260% rate hikes, $ 12,600 deductible, 40% co-pay, zero competition

by 1389 on October 16, 2013

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Make no mistake: Obamacare is an all-out war of extermination against America’s middle and working classes.

The Democrats are forcing the American working and middle classes to buy worthless insurance that they cannot afford. The purpose is to destroy responsible, hard-working citizens by depleting their income and exhausting their savings as rapidly as possible.

Cui bono? Obamacare is a cash cow for Democrat cronies.

Washington Examiner has the story:

(h/t: Iron Fist)

Many Americans shopping for better health insurance deals promised by the two-week-old Obamacare system are instead being slapped with rate shock, including savings-sapping deductibles and co-pays, according to multiple reports from around the country.

For some able to get the problem-plagued Obamacare website to work, the so-called “deals” the system is coughing up around the country include $12,600 deductibles, co-pays of up to 40 percent, zero competition, and rate hikes of 260 percent.

The huge cost increases that some Obamacare applicants are seeing are feeding the effort in Congress to change the system and delay implementation until January 2014.

“This is why we’ve been working so hard to dismantle and repeal this bill, so that we can begin to pass step-by-step reforms that transform the health care delivery system by putting patients in charge, giving them more choices, and reducing the cost of health care so that more people can afford it,” said Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander.
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The top Republican on the Senate health committee has collected several official and media reports of the Obamacare horror stories Americans have encountered so far.

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