Racism Explained to the Liberal World

by 1389 on October 13, 2013

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From one of our correspondents:

As I get to it below Dear Reader, you will understand my take on why I decided to stop working for a hundred a**holes as soon as I gave myself the opportunity to work for only one.

Working for only one a**hole was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

Ergo, we go on to the subject:

What is racism?

Racism is advocating for and aiding and abetting racial preference.

Or, preferential treatment according to race, skin color or religion.

Affirmative action is a racial preference. It is unfair, unjust, and patently illegal!

Oh yes it is, and recently the Supremes agreed with me and so ruled!

It is racism based on a lie.

Preferential job treatment as I had experienced working for government – was racism.

It was government – approved racism.

I came to this land for opportunity, not to be discriminated against as once we were discriminated against by the Nazis for being Jewish and later by the Communists for being entrepreneurs.

In order to advance a cadre of coworkers whom (at least in my case) were astonishingly incompetent, slothful, ignorant and base, and performed one quarter my workload at substandard quality as objectively and factually judged against mine, I had to accept an even higher workload at a lower salary. I accepted it without a single complaint, but nevertheless, did something about it. I succeeded with my life. Most of them did not.

My personal case is hardly unique or even interesting. It is just one example though, that one can rise above all the odds stacked against one while others cannot and will not.

I knew from day one at that job that I will rise above it. And them.

It explains why I was able to take the daggers out of my own back thrown by a racist boss and cause that boss to lose his power entirely.

It explains why one man has no time for anything while another has the time for everything.

More importantly, it asks why one is made of one material as another is made of another?

Preferential housing benefits – is racism. School busing is – racism. Obamacare is racism – it prefers a small minority (or groups of special interests) at the expense of the American People at large. In order to comply with the Equal Clause provision of the 14th Amendment, it violated the 14th Amendment and other provisions of the US Constitution that gave not a single “right” to groups – only to individuals to whom all rights subsume. “Marriage Equality” did likewise.

The ideology that “You’re OK & I’m OK,” is…racist…because it suggests that you and I are equal, equal in intelligence, abilities, and morals. Which happens not to be the case on any of those grounds Dear Liberal – you are not even close to being equal to me.

It would perchance suggest that your ability and taking responsibility for your handling of finances and your lives is equal to mine. Which is not the case at all, and which can be proved by Winston Churchill’s observation:

“The strategy may seem elegant, but sometimes we should look at the results.”

The ideology that one civilization is equally as good as another – is racism. It is because the influence of civilizations and people can be measured and quantified as I had explained earlier.

One civilization and culture is superior to another, or inferior to it. Life isn’t fair.

To suggest otherwise is racism.

Politically Correct is…racism…because PC is based on one singular formula: hiding the truth in order to promote a lie. In other words, PC, a leftwing liberal invention, is a lie that spreads across and infiltrates all culture.

Truth has no color, no reserved or forbidden speech or thought. Truth does not lay down and go away. Unvarnished truth that is hurtful is still the truth without any qualifier to make it otherwise. How you “feel” about the truth has nothing to do with the truth, only with how you feel. The fact that the truth is hurtful does not obligate others to refrain from speaking it in order to spare your feelings. Or thinking it. They may politely not say so, but they will think so.

However people lie.

Why do they lie?

My take is that just like theft, lying is evil. Lying is the denial of life or the denial of something that belongs to another. It is the evil impulse within one that allows one to lie. It is the ignoring of moral boundaries that allows for lying. Worse, the growth of that evil allows for the lying AFTER one has been made aware of the truth.

Moreover, people who lie also are likely to steal.

Or will aid and abet others’ stealing. People who lie aid politicians who lie and steal – especially if they’re lying and stealing in their (the voter’s) behalf. These politicians will lie to steal votes – or buy votes, or will “displace” duffel bags filled with military votes. And they will then shut down monuments to war veterans or the war dead on any excuse.

From whom can a politician buy votes?

From those in need. They may be the rich and/or the poor.

The rich have their lobbyists trolling the halls of the capital.

The poor have many more hands on the lever – and many more lobbyists trolling the halls of Congress – there are many more poor than there are rich.

Obama won over McCain by having ten-fold the money McCain would raise.

All the poor combined happen to be very rich.

Obama raised one billion dollars.

George W. Bush raised 300 million the election before.

Obama transferred over three times more the wealth from the pockets of the poor to his pockets than Bush transferred from the rich to his.

The poor are JUST AS GREEDY you see, as the rich when they pull that lever to get something from someone else’s pockets for FREE.

GREED is universal. So is racism.

What is not free are the Free Lunches.

Like ObamaCare, formerly known as FREE Health Care, the Free Lunch will turn out to be very expensive on many levels.

In fact, the rich are far less greedy than the poor I have met.

Many of the rich give to the poor more than than the gaggles of poor can possibly earn.

Yet most of the liberals I have met don’t give a f***in’ dime to anyone, but have no problems taking their money (and mine) to the liquor store, the Mary Jane dispensary, the gay bar frequently, or to the racetrack. I had offered to open my checkbooks to any liberal I know so they can compare what they give to charity to what I gave to charity. There was not a single taker and there won’t be any after this note goes out!

That is the unadulterated truth about liberal kindness and advocacy for the environment.

What follows is what is, because it is, well, the truth.

In other words, let the chips fall where they will.


The truth suggests that a light-colored Hispanic man with a Germanic or Jewish name was persecuted to Hell and Back all in the name of a lie – political correctness that suggests that white-on-black crime is to be persecuted no matter what evidence is lacking; but black-on-black crime is to be ignored no matter the fact that there’s a boatload of evidence on the table. This is PC at its evil worst. It promotes that racist notion that persecuting one who is white is acceptable whereas persecuting another is not.

It is pure, unadulterated, racism.


And the “rich” had nothing to do with it.

Democrats had EVERYTHING to do with it.


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