Dr. Terry Jones arrested on 9/11: How you can help

by 1389 on October 8, 2013

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As you may be aware, Dr. Terry Jones, founder of Stand Up America Now, and Wayne Sapp, Assistant Director, were arrested on September 11, 2013 on felony charges for illegally transporting fuel while on their way to the event Worldwide Burning of 2998 Korans in Mulberry, Polk County, Florida.

Stand Up America Now invites you to support the First Amendment rights of all U.S. citizens by donating to our cause.

Donations may be mailed to:
842 62nd Street Circle East
Suite 104
Bradenton, FL 34208

CONTACT: (352) 871-2680 or info@standupamericanow.org

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1 Juan Eduardo October 8, 2013 at 10:49 am

What if a Muslim person was burning the Holy Bible, would he be jailed? If he was, there would be Islamic riots in the streets, maybe even buildings being blown up? Something has gone terribly wrong with governments in Canada and the US, their obsession to pander to Islam is bewildering.

2 Zenster October 8, 2013 at 11:42 am

I’m disappointed that Terry Jones did not perform better due diligence prior to his excursion that day. It is difficult to imagine that he does not have access to qualified legal counsel. More than anyone, he should have known that authorities would be watchful for the least misstep on his part as an excuse to intervene.

Transporting the kerosene-sodden Qur’ans was an open invitation to be apprehended for a clear violation of public safety regulations. I am curious as to what reason arresting officers used as probable cause that day, but nothing changes how this effort was totally derailed by some very basic oversights.

Factually speaking, a collision involving the trailer he was towing could quickly have gotten out of hand and endangered the lives of everyone involved. The loose blowtorch and other unsecured containers of kerosene were just icing on the cake for legal authorities eager to hogtie this justifiably outspoken individual.

If anything, this incident shows just how careful all anti-Islamic demonstrators must be when engaging in legitimate protests. The minions of PCMC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism) are all too eager to throw a wrench in our gears. We must scrupulously avoid giving them the least chance to do so.

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