Temple Mount Gold: Ancient gold treasure from 6th century discovered in Jerusalem

by 1389 on October 6, 2013

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aish.com has the story:

Gold medallion

“A discovery like this happens once in a lifetime! It is breathtaking!”

That is the way Eilat Mazar described the exquisite gold medallion engraved with a menorah, a shofar and a small sefer Torah (Torah scroll), that was discovered in her latest dig in the Ophel Excavations.

And that’s not all. Along with the medallion, 10 centimeters in diameter and on a gold chain, her team found gold jewelry and coins, a virtual treasure trove, all of them in a Byzantine structure, 50 meters south of the Temple Mount, just outside the southern walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

These comprise two gold hoards from the 6th century, and what makes it all the more fantastic is that it was totally unexpected.

They were only five days into the dig when Caridad (Cari) French, a young digger from abroad, together with Ahinoam Meyers, her Israeli digging partner, found what she thought was a copper earring, then another one. The women thought that they were modern, since they were so shiny, but then they dug some more and found gold coins, and the rest of the diggers, including Mazar herself, joined them, instructing everyone to use no sharp objects, only small paintbrushes to softly brush away the dirt. Suddenly the gold medallion came into view. Cari says in a short film made about the discovery: “My eyes were lit up. I’d never seen anything like that in my life.”

The discovery is all the sweeter because Mazar is considered controversial among some Israeli archeologists. She flies in the face of what many of them believe to be more scientific methods, because her blueprint has always been the Bible. She states unequivocally, “The Bible is the most important historical source.”

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1 Zenster October 7, 2013 at 12:55 am

What a wonderful and priceless discovery! Even more important is how work by Eilat Mazar will help to counteract the ongoing destruction of irreplaceable Israelite archeological artifacts currently being destroyed at the Temple Mount site by waqf vandals.

Articles about this politically sensitive subject receive little attention. It is doubtful that even one in a thousand people are aware of this desecration and constant violation of scientific excavation procedures.

I mentioned this in my recent post, “World Rejoices as Communist Scumbag Takes Dirt Nap“. Here is the excerpt:

In their haste to destroy any geological record of Jewish occupation on the Temple Mount, they are excavating irreplaceable archaeological treasures only to smash them into flinders. This reckless digging threatens to undermine their own revered Dome of the Rock. When al Aqsa Mosque comes tumbling down do you doubt that they will blame the Jews for it?

These efforts by Muslims are all part of the destruction of jahiliyya (pre-Islamic) antiquities. It’s just one reason why proving historic Islamic atrocities can be so difficult. All traces of preexisting cultures are usually eradicated by arriving Muslim hordes.

Eilat Mazar’s discovery is an important piece of evidence that establishes how Jews were present in Jerusalem long before Mohammad was even born. Something that causes most Muslims to have conniption fits.

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