SEALS 2 — Terrorists 0 with Shabab Kebab & Libyan Lockup

by Zenster on October 6, 2013

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Defense Department tight-lipped over aspects of Libya and Somalia raids

The effects of the government shutdown in Washington could also be felt on Sunday, as staff furloughs in key government departments made it difficult for journalists to obtain information.

Oh, boo hoo! Maybe these raids were successful because America’s enemedia was out of the loop.

The seizure in Tripoli of the alleged al-Qaida operative Abu Anas al-Liby prompted the Libyan government to issue an angry statement, questioning the US account that Liby had been detained with its full knowledge. The statement said: “As soon as it heard the reports, the Libyan government contacted the United States authorities to demand an explanation [for] the kidnapping of a Libyan citizen.”

Consider this to be an attempt at plausible deniability on the part of Libya’s government. More importantly, if this terrorist scumbag was indeed “a Libyan citizen”, why aren’t we subjecting some important Libyan assets to “rapid, catastrophic disassembly”?

George Little, the Pentagon press secretary, said on Sunday that Liby had been designated a “specially designated global terrorist” under executive order 13224 – an order issued by president George W Bush two weeks after the 9/11 attacks. Liby is also listed as a subject of the US rewards for justice programme, Little said, and is listed on the UN’s al-Qaida sanctions list.

Well, at least the chair-warmer-in-chief can tell the Muslims that he blames Bush.

Liby was being “detained lawfully by the Department of Defense”, a defence official told the Guardian on Sunday afternoon. The Libyan was indicted in New York in 2000, for his alleged role in bombings on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania two years earlier.

If by “detained lawfully” they mean being hooked up to a car battery, then detain away!

The Department of Defence refused to give further information about Saturday’s operation in Somalia, which it said was “aimed at capturing an al-Shabaab terrorist leader”. US special forces approached a compound in Barawe and were engaged in a gun battle before pulling out.

I can only hope that, along with the prime suspect, a large number of the terrorist leader’s immediate family were subjected to high velocity, swift onset lead poisoning. Ruthless as it sounds, terrorism runs in the family. It is how such tight security is maintained in these groups and why they are so difficult to compromise or penetrate. One of the only effective measures is to depopulate terrorist clans and be done with it.

Had I known, back in mid-September of 2001, that Bali, Madrid, Beslan, Bali II and London would follow, then my position at that time would have been upheld to this very day. Instead, people managed to convince me that targeting civilians was immoral. It took a few years to fully understand that Islamic terrorism almost always targets civilians and that it is a form of collective punishment which deserves to be persuasively answered with collective punishment in the form of massively disproportionate retaliation.

To provide some perspective, my immediate response to the 9-11 atrocity was to advocate that Kandahar, the hometown of bin Laden’s spiritual adviser and Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, should have been made to disappear. No nuclear weapons needed to be involved, just a carpet of fuel-air (thermobaric) bombs—which are capable of simulating small nuclear explosions without any fallout—that bounced the rubble a few times.

Now I realize that similar responses should have taken place after each and every subsequent terrorist atrocity. As noted above, terrorism runs in the family. Only when whole cities disappear and entire bloodlines are extinguished will Muslim terrorist leaders bother to take notice. Osama bin Laden was the 17th of 52 children in his father’s family. Bin Laden also sired some two dozen children himself. That’s plenty to throw into the jihad meat grinder and still have some heirs left over to run the store. Now, if bin Laden’s entire family were suddenly immolated, imagine the strength of that message to other terrorist leaders. This is how business is done throughout Islam and we are fools not to adopt a similar strategy when dealing with these barbaric murderers.

By now, it is abundantly clear that Islam cannot be swayed by any conventional military response. The campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq are a farce and everyone knows that both countries will revert to full-time terrorist manufactories the moment Western forces depart.

The prospect of mass-murdering warlord, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, taking power in Afghanistan symbolizes the foolishness of America’s nation-building attempts in Muslim countries. From the linked article:

“Throughout the jihads and his Islamic wars he was responsible for the deaths of many thousands of people,” one Western advisor to the government of Hamid Karzai said. “But that is not necessarily a handicap in this part of the world and he is held in high regard by many people that matter. [emphasis added]

What more can be said when thousands of deaths enhances someone’s leadership credentials?

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