You can’t make this stuff up: US Office of Government Ethics deemed non-essential, shut down

by 1389 on October 3, 2013

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Daniel Greenfield has the story:

US Office of Government Ethics seal

It’s not always easy to know whether a part of the Federal government is or isn’t essential.

USAID is apparently so essential that it’s staying open to handle the vital tasks of redistributing American money to Pakistan, China and Libya.

The Peace Corps is also staying open.

And there are no worries that the Kennedy Center will be impeded in its future plans to honor Shirley Maclaine.

However the Office of Government Ethics has been deemed non-essential. It’s been reduced from 62 employees to 1. Because ethics in government is apparently non-essential. Unlike throwing money at Pakistan.

The USDA Office of Ethics, which apparently also exists, has also been shut down. Completely.

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