Detroit goes to the dogs – literally

by 1389 on August 26, 2013

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The Daily Caller has the story:

Detroit stray dog

As the human exodus from bankrupt Detroit picks up speed, packs of feral dogs are overrunning the city’s streets and abandoned buildings.

Bloomberg reports that as many as 50,000 canines prowl through the Motor City’s darkened roads and condemned houses, causing serious problems for the few people that remain.

“It was almost post-apocalyptic,” said Amanda Arrington of the Humane Society, who visited the city last October. “There are no businesses, nothing except people in houses and dogs running around.”

Animal control personnel are hamstrung by the city’s shoestring budget, and overcrowded shelters are forced to euthanize more than 70 percent of the dogs brought in.

As dog owners abandon Detroit, many leave their canine companions to fend for themselves. The animals often form packs around a female in heat, and then go looking for trouble.

One police officer told a story about a pack of 20 pooches found in the flooded basement of an abandoned home.

“The dogs were having a pool party,” he said. “We went in and fished them out.”

The basement initially flooded after thieves hacked out the water pipes.

The dog pool party would have made a good video upload, and so would this:

The threat of dog attacks have forced the Postal Service to temporarily halt delivery in certain neighborhoods. One mail carrier recalled using clouds of pepper spray to disperse swarms of small but savage hounds.

“It’s like Chihuahuaville,” she said.

But NOT this:

One woman was attacked four months ago by two strays while sitting on her porch. The animals tore off the woman’s scalp during the assault.

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