#SolidarityForRodeoClowns Since when is political speech banned at a state fair?

by 1389 on August 14, 2013

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Politicians and candidates appear at taxpayer-subsidized state fairs all the time, spouting their propaganda and baloney. Why can’t the rest of us exercise our First Amendment rights without the politicians shutting us down?

Missouri State Fair Bans Rodeo Clown Who Mocked Obama – Red Eye- The Lede – 8-14-13


Published on Aug 14, 2013 by RightSightings

“The Clown, must go down” says host Greg Gutfeld regarding the recent controversy about a rodeo clown wearing a Barack Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair Rodeo. Panel consists of Patti Ann Browne, Joel Pollak, Sherrod Small, and Bill Schulz.

Apparently it’s okay for OBAMA to wear an Obama mask – but not for the rest of us:

OBAMA ON SNL: Live from New York, It’s Hillary-Bashing!!!

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Whoever heard of a clown act that is in good taste? Clowns are supposed to be silly and to poke fun at the self-important. That’s the whole point of clowning.

Clown Controversy Debated – David Webb vs Julie Roginsky – America Live – Fox News – 8-14-13


Published on Aug 14, 2013 by RightSightings

A rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair dressed up wearing mask with the likeness of President Obama is fired from his job and this has sparked a huge debate over Presidential Parodies and if they’re sociably acceptable. FNC’s Martha MacCallum hosts this quick debate between Julie Roginsky and David Webb to discuss this issue.

Allen West VS Steve Webb: Obama Rodeo Clown ‘Hypocrisy’ – Sean Hannity Show – 8/13/13

Published on Aug 13, 2013 by MichaelSavage4Prez

August 13, 2013 – When is it OK to make fun of the president? That was the question Sean Hannity asked his guests Tuesday night in light of the controversy over the Missouri State Fair’s rodeo clown, who recently appeared wearing a President Obama mask. Former Republican congressman Allen West and chairman of the Missouri Legislative Democratic Caucus Steve Webb joined Hannity to share their opposing views on the matter.

Webb began by saying it “offended” him that “anyone would make a mockery” of the president of the United States in the way that this rodeo clown did and objected to the “racial” content in the portrayal. Hannity pushed Webb to define why he thought the portrayal of Obama was “racial” and the congressman pointed to the moment when someone walked up to the clown and “played with his lips.”

While West said he didn’t agree with the portrayal of Obama overall, he focused in on the “hypocrisy” he sees in what liberals choose to be offended by when it comes to “racist” caricatures of African-Americans. He said he didn’t see the same outrage when there were similar depictions of conservatives like Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steele or himself. “I think that, you know,” West said, “some people need to check themselves and stop cherry-picking what they believe is racially offensive.”

If the POTUS had any class, he would reaffirm the First Amendment and politely request that the ban on the rodeo clown be lifted and that he be rehired. But then, if the POTUS had any class, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

Clown Controversy & Hypocrisy of Political Parodies Debated – Greg Gutfeld – ‘The Five’ 8-14-13


Published on Aug 14, 2013 by RightSightings

The uproar of the Missouri State Fair Rodeo Cowboy is the topic of this engaging conversation on ‘The Five’. Dana Perino is in RARE form throughout this segment, along with Greg Gutfeld, Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle.. MUST SEE !

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