Zero fiddles while the world burns

by 1389 on August 6, 2013

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Zero as Nero

Muslims going berserk, as usual

Zero golfing

Obama Begins Birthday Weekend with Golf Bash

President Obama and 11 of his friends stormed onto the Andrews Air Force golf course Saturday morning to begin what no doubt will be a full weekend of festivities marking Obama’s 52nd birthday, which is Sunday.

There are three groups of four playing this morning, featuring Obama pals who have flown in from all over the country, including Hawaii: Greg Orme; Marty Nesbit; Hasan Chandoo; Bobby Titcomb; Mike Ramos; Wahid Hamid; Eric Whitaker; Reggie Love; Sam Kass; Laurent Delanney; and Marvin Nicholson.

No girls are invited – this is boys-club-only stuff.
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No girls? Of course not.

MOTUS has more here and here.

Timing of President’s Leno Appearance Sparks Debate – Scottie Hughes v. Jehmu Greene – 8-6-13

Published on Aug 6, 2013 by RightSightings

With numerous embassies and consulates closing throughout the Middle-East, is this really the BEST time for President Obama to be making an unprecedented 6th appearance on the ‘Tonight Show’ ? TPNN’s Scottie Nell Hughes engages in a highly spirited debate with Democratic Strategist, Jehmu Greene hosted by FNC’s Neil Cavuto.

Meanwhile…The lapdog media humps Obama's leg

Dana Perino And Greg Gutfeld On The Media’s Love Affair With President Obama:

Published on Aug 2, 2013 by yazchat

The press’ approach to reporting the Obama administration.
Fox News: The O’Reilly Factor

The Other Benghazi Scandal: Journalists Worry Covering The Attack Threatens White House Access

As the one year anniversary of the deadly attack on an American consulate in Benghazi approaches, journalists have begun to take another look into the scandal surrounding the government’s response to that terrorist event. Last week, CNN aired two striking reports revealing that the Central Intelligence Agency had a large number of agents on the ground on the night of the attack and that a suspect in the attack has never been interviewed by investigators. Following these revelatory reports, which some in President Barack Obama’s administration believe represent a political threat, some CNN reporters now fear for their access to the White House. They are not alone.

On July 31, CNN’s The Situation Room broadcast a portion of an interview conducted by reporter Arwa Damon with a suspect in the Benghazi attacks. The suspect revealed to Damon that no investigator has attempted to contact him regarding his involvement in that deadly assault. The following day, CNN’s Drew Griffin broke the news that more than 30 CIA agents were on the ground in Libya on the day of the attack and they are being pressured by the spy agency to not reveal to reporters or congressional investigators what they know of the events of that night. Some CNN reporters are reportedly fearful now that their access to the White House will be hampered following their probing into a story that members of the Obama administration would prefer remain uninvestigated.

“Access is a very serious consideration when it comes to stories that could adversely impact a show, correspondent, or network’s relationship with the administration, a campaign, or any political leader,” one source with insider information told Mediaite.

“I would suggest it’s not an accident that those who have been given a lot of access to the president have generally been AWOL when it comes to stories that might reflect poorly on him,” the source, who did not wish to be identified, continued. “It’s the name of the game. And it’s bad for everyone trying to do this job the right way.” Those reporters have reason to fear for their access to America’s executive branch. Some suspect that reporters who soft-pedal or underreport stories uncomfortable to the administration receive preferential access to White House officials.
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